Bird Droppings Dream Meaning

What it means to dream of bird droppings? Excrement of any kind in a dream is generally recognized as a symbol of material profit, and in particular money. And if in a dream you stepped into a big pile of shit or a “poop gift” suddenly fell on your head, then you can expect a serious profit. But why one dreams of bird droppings? The dream book will tell you in detail what this dream means.

What is the meaning of bird poop on your head? Firstly, Miller’s dream book confirms that in most cases you see bird droppings on your head, this means receiving money. Moreover, the factor of surprise is triggered here. That is, profits will literally fall from the sky.

Secondly, this very dream conveys the very desire to improve the financial situation and earn some more money. In particular, this is indicated by a dirty poop spot in the dreamer's hair. Another common interpretation of a dream of bird feces is glory, universal fame, and respect.

Why else do you dream of bird droppings? To understand this, it is worth remembering how the birds behave. Often they chirp loudly, take off sharply, that is, their behavior is extremely cheerful and restless. Therefore, to see their droppings in a dream – is a sign of trouble and commotion.

There can be a quarrel or even a scandal in the house, at the workplace, on the street, etc. The dream book recommends judging the size of the conflict and the place where it will occur based on other details of the dream.

In addition, traces of the bird poop on the head or hands seen in a dream guarantee gossip, slander and other unpleasant conversations. The dream book advises you to remember: if you dreamed that an unpleasant trace of droppings remained on some person, it is this personality in the real world that will fall into a very unpleasant situation.

In order to understand the meaning of bird droppings in a dream, the dream book advises you to pay attention to the fact that excrement is usually what people try to get rid of. Moreover, the birds themselves in night dreams embody freedom.

It is not surprising that bird droppings in a dream may become a sign that it is time to review their own behavior and character. You probably have not the most positive traits and qualities. The dream interpretation warns, if in a dream a bird droppings were in your hair, this means your rash and even silly actions will lead you into a hopeless situation.

By the way, if you dreamed about a huge pile of poop, it enhances the meaning of any dream and vice versa. At the same time, if you saw a very dirty cage in the night dreams, this means there will be some business with decent pay. But it will limit your freedom very much.

To better explain what such an unusual event symbolizes in a dream, the dream book also advises you to recall which bird left the droppings.

If you had a dream that there was thrush droppings on your head - wait for happy changes and meeting good people; poop of bustards seen in a dream promises lies and gossip; if a finch left a droppings mark on a person - there will be a quiet life without worries and problems.

Seeing the droppings of the capercaillie in a dream – is a sign of groundless suspicions, loons poop - a profitable, but risky business, and pigeons shit – means losses and illness. If you dreamed that there was bird droppings in your hair and in a dream you know for sure that it belongs to a bird of prey, this means you will be able to cope with any problems in reality.

As you can see, bird droppings can symbolize quite a variety of events in life, but only domestic birds guarantee an increase in income and an increase in wealth.

Will you be interested to find out real-life signs and omens about bird droppings on you?

The real-life sign "a bird shits on clothes" is considered very good for the military officers, policemen, firefighters, rescuers and other professions where it is customary to wear a uniform. Such a sudden "present" promises quick promotion and good luck at work. The meaning of the belief is enhanced if the bird decided to mark not the everyday clothes, but precisely the uniform of such a person.

If we are talking about an ordinary person, the omen “the bird made droppings on your clothes” still promises good luck, however, only in financial matters. However, such an incident may well be a sign that you will find a more profitable job very soon that will suit you much more financially than before.

In the old days, there was a belief associated with a wedding dress. If a bird's poop fell on the groom's suit or the bride's wedding dress on the wedding day, this is a sign for the second partner that his chosen one is not getting married for love, but is guided by some selfish interests.

If a well-aimed bird has done its dropping job right on top of your head, it is also a good sign that carries money luck or the fulfillment of a desire related to work with it. However, if at the time of getting the bird's dropping you were thinking about some important matter, you can take it as a sign that everything will turn out in the best way.

What does it mean if a bird craps on the head of a woman expecting a baby? Most likely, this is an omen of easy and safe childbirth, although this may also mean that the financial situation of this lady will improve significantly in the near future.

What is meaning of bird's dropping on a child's head? If the child is already attending school, this incident predicts good grades, and if he is still very young, this is a sign that your child will soon discover some kind of talent in him.

You can also pay attention to the bird that has managed to mark you. So, for example, pigeons that shit on you in real life are messengers of good luck of any kind, and especially money. Seagulls, sparrows and other light-colored birds also bring with them extremely positive news, but rooks, crows or other species of birds with dark plumage sometimes, on the contrary, warn of future troubles. There is a belief that crows shit on a person's head as a sign of warning that he should be wiser, not talk to others about his plans and listen to the advice of his loved ones.

There is one more omen about birds: if a bird dropped on a person and hit his shoulder or arm, this is a sign that the Higher Forces have marked you. Most often, birds mark these parts of the body in selected people - those who have very strong energy, some outstanding talents or extraordinary mental abilities by nature.

What does it means if a bird crapped at your window? The omen promises a coming visit of guests to your home.

What does it mean if your car is covered with birds' droppings? In this case the omen loses its positive meaning. So, a mark on the front glass may mean an imminent receipt of a fine or a stop of your car by the traffic police, and if a feathered hooligan marked the hood - be more careful on the road, there is a risk of getting into an accident.

Sergii Haranenko
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