Daughter Died Dream Meaning

The dreadful death of a child is the worst nightmare for parents. If you dreamed that your daughter died, then in reality your relationship will change dramatically, Miller's dream book says.

Don’t you communicate with your daughter because of the difference in views on life, life, study, work, etc.? When you see a dead daughter in a dream, you will realize that you are behaving unreasonably, and as a wiser woman you will go to the rapprochement first.

And if you are close with your daughter, then a similar plot, unfortunately, will bring coolness to your communication, saddens the dream book.

According to the interpretations of the Islamic dreambook, to see in a dream that the daughter has died is a signal that the old and long-forgotten debts will remind you of themselves. Especially if the death was sudden, for example, the girl died in an accident. Probably there will be a person to whom you owe a large amount of money, and, it doesn’t matter whether you borrowed cash or he rendered you a paid service, the result will be one - you will have to pay your bills.

The Wanderer’s dreambook thinks that an image of daughter who died predicts joy.

If your daughter was ill and weak in real life and “died” in a dream, this means she will recover soon and feel much better.

Does your daughter have complexes or you are not satisfied with how her life is going? The dreamed death will relieve the girl (well, or her mother) from the fact that dominates and prevents from living fully.

But for those women who actually buried their own child, weeping over the body of her deceased daughter in a night dream, reliving grief and suffering - a symbol of liberation from negative, fear and anguish. Of course, you will not forget your grief, but it will be easier for you to live, you will be able to accept the loss, the dream book of pastor Loff promises.

If you are dreaming that you do not see the body, but someone from relatives or close people told you terrible news, it means that you are afraid to take any responsibility, preferring to be guided by the advice of others.

And if your daughter died in a dream, you buried her, but after a while you see your daughter at home, as if she did not die, then this means that you never bring the endeavor to the end.

    The dreambooks take into consideration how your daughter died in a dream:
  • She was killed – beware of people who envy you;
  • She died during the surgery – do not start a difficult issue on your own;
  • She got poisoned – do not spread slander and do not listen to other people’s gossip;
  • Daughter died at labor – you should revise your goals;
  • Committed suicide – it is time for development and self-improvement;
  • Was ill for a long time – do not postpone what you have to do.
Sergii Haranenko
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