Daughter Pregnant Dream Meaning

daughter pregnant

If you had a dream about your daughter being pregnant, you shouldn’t suspect her of pregnancy at once. If a woman saw her daughter pregnant in a dream, this is a symbol of a number of decisive events in real life. All of them will be related to your child. Modern dreambook predicts a long road, a change of residence and marital status.

Seeing your daughter upset and saddened by pregnancy in a dream predicts petty troubles, which will make you worry.

If a mother sees her daughter pregnant almost every night in a dream, this means that something worries her a lot. She should sort out her doubts and fears.

If a father sees his daughter pregnant, this is a sign that he has certain difficulties when dealing with beloved ones. He can see such a dream if he doesn’t have close relations with his wife or daughter for a long time already.

To see your pregnant daughter happy in a dream means to achieve the desired success and financial well-being. The man can also see such a dream when he decided to leave his spouse but hasn’t taken any serious steps yet. This plot means that very soon the time for decisive and cardinal acts will come.

A father can also see his pregnant daughter in a dream when he is on the verge of starting a new business or making an important decision.

If you had a dream that your minor daughter is pregnant, you should get ready for unexpected surprises. It is possible that you will hear shocking news or become an eyewitness to the commission of an immoral crime.

Seeing your little daughter giving birth in a dream means making some unplanned step. You might stop the relations you are tired of or leave the work you hate. Anyway, the changes will be for the better.

    Different dreambooks can give various interpretations of the plot depending on details:
  • To take birth from your pregnant daughter in a dream predicts surprises.
  • To look at your pregnant daughter who stands at the altar - this dream means you will help someone.
  • Being angry because your daughter is pregnant - to failure and disappointment.

You are someone's daughter and at the same time are pregnant - complete mutual understanding will come in your relations with your parents.

Finding out that your daughter is pregnant in a dream and feeling an incredible happiness from this news is a promise of all kinds of well-being.

Sergii Haranenko
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