Falling Helicopter Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream when a helicopter is falling? If you dream of a falling helicopter, this plot promises a long-awaited journey or a dream coming true. Besides that if you are dreaming about falling helicopter, this image indicates the need to make a difficult decision.

    The dream dictionaries interpret plots depending on details:
  • to see how a helicopter falls from the sky and explodes - promises success in work;
  • to see a crashed helicopter - symbolizes a quarrel with a loved one.
    Top-5 negative meanings of falling helicopter in dreams:
  • The helicopter falling over the house speaks of a conflict with parents.
  • Helicopter falling over the sea - bad news.
  • Helicopter falling over the mountains - means deterioration in the financial situation.
  • Running after a falling helicopter means parting with a loved one.
  • To fly a falling helicopter in a dream predicts an unfortunate accident during a business trip.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about falling helicopters:
  • A falling dark-blue helicopter in a dream symbolizes financial well-being.
  • A dream of a falling yellow helicopter - predicts receiving an expensive gift.
  • A white helicopter falling down in a dream - means a pleasant trip with friends.
  • Jumping from a falling helicopter - means meeting an influential person.
  • Taking pictures of a falling helicopter - is a sign of vivid emotions.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream portends overcoming obstacles on the way to your goal.

If a man dreams about a helicopter falling and exploding, this image may symbolize jealousy on the part of the dreamer.

According to Freud, when someone sees a dream about a falling helicopter, this plot predicts a quarrel with your beloved.

If we are talking about Vanga’s dream interpretation, such a dream promises success in all your endeavors. If a man dreams about crashing of a military helicopter, this plot symbolizes positive life changes. If transport rotorcraft crashed in a man’s dream, this plot promises solitude.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, such a dream warns of the commission of a rash act.

    Additional dream meaning for women:
  • if a married woman dreams of flying in a falling helicopter, this is a sign of large spending;
  • if she crashed on a falling helicopter in a dream – this plot means increase social status.

According to Loff's dream book, such a dream promises the emergence of family and other problems.

According to the Wanderer's dream book, a dream about helicopter falling predicts the end of an unfavorable period.

Sergii Haranenko
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