Jumping From Height Dream Meaning

Interpretations of what a jump from height means in a dream are often twofold. In an incomprehensible way, the dream book simultaneously sees a call for action and, at the same time, for caution in such a dream. Some details in the plot will tell you what to do for you.

Interpreting why jumping from height is seen in a dream, Miller's dream book hints at the indecision of the dreamer, who, according to the interpreter, will never dare to take a bold act. If you dreamed about a jump from height, it is advisable to be guided by common sense: to show courage only where circumstances really require it.

In Freud's dream book you can find out what a parachute jump is about in a dream. For ladies dreamers, the plot foreshadows a passionate love affair. Men are now more than ever prone to rash, but gambling and exciting actions.

It is interesting to know why a family man is dreaming of a jump from a height. The dream interpretation believes that he is ready for parenting. For women, what they see in a dream often portends a successful pregnancy.

Prolonged soaring in the air promises a steep turn in your personal life, to the consequences of which you will not immediately be able to get used to.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse considers jumping from various heights to be a frank downward movement. A dream in which you happened to see your own fall portends a moral and material decline, the likelihood of taking a trifling loss close to your heart.

The prediction for those born in spring explains differently why you dream of seeing how you jump from mountains or roofs. What you saw in a dream indicates a thirst for free flight. Hardly in the literal sense, most likely you are just tired of annoying obligations and monotony of everyday life.

A leap that you happened to see in a dream often means the need to get rid of the painful ballast from the past.

    Often, the interpretation of a dream begins from the launch pad. The dream book will tell you what it means to jump from a height that you dreamed about.
  • Seeing yourself jumping out of the window happens on the eve of a rash act;
  • The most decisive and resourceful manages to jump from the cornice in a dream;
  • Only those who fully control the situation can see themselves flying from the roof in a dream;
  • Did you have a dream about jumping from a balcony? You seem to be overconfident;
  • If you jumped from the top of a mountain in a dream, great luck awaits you in reality;
  • Jumping from cliffs ad precipice promises disappointment in your own personality;
  • The jump from the bridge warns of losses due to an unfortunate mistake.

Interpreters explain in detail why one dreams of jumping from one height to another. Rooftop parkour reflects the restless temper of a sleeping thrill-seeker and frantic rhythm. The dream book recommends taking a time-out to think about the possible consequences of your actions at least sometimes.

If you dreamed of jumps from a mountain to a lower hill, the English dream book promises that you will beautifully get out of an ugly situation with the same dexterity. Alternatively, you will overcome financial difficulties.

When you happen to jump and fly in a dream, the image suggests that there are no barriers for you now. Try to use such a generous gift of fate wisely and devote it to truly great achievements.

If a woman dreamed of a jump from a height into the water, the interpreter Tsvetkov advises not to be afraid of a new relationship and to take the initiative. If you happen to plunge into the abyss of the sea, this means the dreamer will find herself in a cycle of amazing events.

The Esoteric dream book considers a jump into the water from great height a sign of imprudence and recklessness in real life. The dreamer is characterized by hasty conclusions and superficial judgments. It would not hurt listening to the voice of the heart more often.

If in a dream you dive into an icy crystal clear reservoir, this means you are on the right track. Diving into a warm pool indicates that you are mistaken and will soon regret it. A well-maintained pool promises a change that you will initiate.

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Sergii Haranenko
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