Teeth Crumbling Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream of crumbling teeth? Crumbling teeth in dreams symbolize regrets about some deed. Besides that such a dream indicates the risk of losing a chance to get a promotion.

If the teeth in a dream were crumbling without blood, this may be a symbol of pride for your achievements.

When you dream that your teeth are crumbling and falling out, this image is a warning about death of a close friend or a family member.

    What are the Top-5 unfavorable dreams about crumbling teeth?
  • If you dreamed that your front teeth were crumbling, this meant getting a fine at work.
  • Dream about dentures crumbling – means meanness on the part of a colleague.
  • If the fangs began to collapse and the gums began to hurt – be ready for the refusal of help from relatives.
  • If your teeth are crumbling and blood began to flow – this means losing in a dispute with friends.
  • Pulling out crumbled teeth on your own hands predicts trouble due to the large number of unfinished business.
    Here are the Top-5 positive meanings of teeth crumbling in a dream:
  • If you dreamed that wisdom teeth were crumbling, this plot means taking care for your relatives.
  • Rotten tooth crumbling – promises strong friendship.
  • Teeth that began to crumble after a fight – promises speedy recovery.
  • Teeth crumbling because of cavity – means reconciliation with parents.
  • To treat crumbled teeth at the dentist promises a period of luck.

A dream in which your tooth has crumbled in half and your tooth hurts portends bad luck.

If a woman dreamed that she spat out a tooth that began to crumble, this plot means getting rid of a bad habit.

A dream in which your teeth crumble and your mouth stinks predicts a nervous breakdown.

According to Gustav Miller, such a dream predicts trouble in all areas of life.

    According to Sigmund Freud:
  • a dream in which the front teeth crumble portends dissatisfaction with one's appearance;
  • crumbling fangs - predict experiences;
  • and when your gums hurt - there will be an unpleasant conversation with a loved one.

According to Vanga's dream book, if you dreamed that your teeth were crumbling, this means a long period of loneliness.

According to Evgeniy Tsvetkov, crumbling wisdom teeth in a dream speak of envy from loved ones.

David Loff believed that such a dream predicts stress due to workload. If you dreamed that crumbling teeth fell out without blood and pain, this is a sign of joy.

According to Miss Hasse, such a dream is a sign that more attention should be paid to your health.

If you dreamed that your teeth crumble and fall out one after another, this is a symbol of apathy, Nostradamus said.

If a pregnant woman lost a crumbling tooth in a dream, this plot predicts difficult childbirth.

According to the Muslim dream book, such a dream portends a major scandal in the family due to lack of money.

According to the Islamic dream book, crumbling teeth in a dream predict public disgrace.

Sergii Haranenko

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