Internal Organs Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about internal organs? Human internals seen in a dream usually predict flare-up of chronic diseases. A dream about their transplantation is a sign of litigation.

The interpretation of a dream depends on the number of details.

    So, the dreambooks give the following brief explanations depending on what kind of internals you happened to dream about:
  • disordered organs - the refusal from your loved ones to help;
  • donor organs - participating in a charity event;
  • strange internals - distrust in relation to a loved one;
  • black internal organs - big debts;
  • clean organs - predict the period of luck;
  • someone else’s organs - warn of stealing of valuable things from the dreamer.
    Depending on the actions in the dream:
  • to see the internal organs from the inside - receiving inheritance;
  • removing internal organs from the mouth - the risk of losing all the money in the casino;
  • spitting out the internals - working with an unpleasant person;
  • cutting out organs - bad mood;
  • tearing the organs out - predicts tears and despair;
  • pulling out of oneself - the emergence of an opportunity to pay off old debts;
  • getting internal organs - means betrayal on the part of business partners;
  • eating the internals - food poisoning;
  • to give them to someone - means a slight discomfort;
  • to sell organs - is a sign of wealth;
  • to vomit with blood and internal organs - great trouble will come soon.

If the internal organs of the person fell outside from the body, this image is a warning that you may be fired.

If the organs were rotting and falling off, this means meanness on the part of your colleague.

    Depending on which organs were seen in a dream:
  • intestines - a major scandal;
  • lungs - a long-awaited vacation;
  • uterus - replenishment in the family;
  • liver - receiving an invitation to a family celebration;
  • giblets - a chance meeting with a school friend;
  • kidneys - a conflict with the authorities;
  • heart - falling in love with a cruel and two-faced person.
    Depending on whose organs you saw in a dream, the dreambooks give the following explanations:
  • another person’s - new acquaintances;
  • organs of the deceased - parting with a partner;
  • child’s internals - concern about his safety;
  • your own internal organs - you may receive bad news.

If you dreamed about internal organs with worms, this symbol predicts a nervous breakdown.

    Top-5 negative interpretations of internals seen in a dream:
  • Holding an organ that has fallen out of a deep wound in your hands is a dream of the risk of getting a domestic injury.
  • Pulling the intestines out of a stranger's stomach - predicts troubles and problems at work.
  • And cutting them into pieces means deception on the part of a family member.
  • Female internal genital organs - predicts a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Male organs - betrayal of a partner.
    Top-5 positive explanations of dreaming about internal organs:
  • Examining your kidney before transplantation predicts a welcome meeting with your family.
  • To see how someone's internal organs fell out – may mean a successful investment of personal funds.
  • Keeping a human heart in the refrigerator is a sign of an exciting adventure.
  • Liver - means a pleasant surprise from your loved ones.
  • Lungs - predict the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Why do the internal organs of a person appear in a dream according to Miller's dream book?

According to Gustav Miller, a dream about internal organs can portend the need to make a difficult decision.

    Other meanings depending on which organ was seen, according to Miller:

  • liver - bereavement;
  • intestines - an unpleasant surprise;
  • kidneys - a scandal with a business partner;
  • heart - the collapse of plans and hopes;
  • lungs - revealing of secrets;
  • penis - problems in business.

According to Sigmund Freud, such a dream symbolizes the desire to diversify your sex life. David Loff believed that such a dream promises a serious illness.

The seer Vanga believed that a dream about a person's internal organs means that the dreamer can become the culprit of a major conflict. According to Evgeny Tsvetkov, cutting off an internal organ during an operation predicts a prolonged depression.

According to Miss Hasse, a dream about person's internal organs can portend a long period of trouble and failure. Yuri Longo considered such dreams a sign of attempting to restore a ruined reputation.

According to the Dream book of Catherine the Great, such a dream can promise sharp deterioration in financial situation.

According to Esoteric dreambook, if a woman saw in a dream how pathologists remove human organs, this plot is a warning of possible imprisonment.

Sergii Haranenko
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