Burn Dream Meaning

To dream of a burn on oneself or another person is a reason for worries: why is there such a painful injury in a dream? Depending on the situation, a dream can tell you where to expect trouble from, what to watch out for. Some interpretations of dream books are very favorable.

If you have a burn in a dream, this is a hidden signal of danger, someone is insidiously trying to cause you trouble. According to the English dream book this is not a real threat, on the contrary, they will offer you friendship and participation. According to the Idiomatic dreambook, you will have to survive the failure, after which you can say: "I got burned about this issue." This is also a harbinger of bitter resentment.

If you dreamed of feeling sharp pain – this dream means you will survive the heat of love. You are destined to fall in love with great passion, although this will entail only suffering. Dream books also promise new friends and good news.

Seeing a burn on the body portends a lot of problems that fall on the principle of "trouble does not come alone." If you dreamed of another person with burns - someone is looking for your support, but this will take away all your strength.

If a man finds burns in a dream – this is the prophecy of marriage or the birth of a son. The Newest dream book predicts to discover special psychic abilities, there will also be reasons to get a reprimand from a person older in age and position.

The interpretation of a dream may vary for those born at different times of the year. For people born in September – December the dream predicts disappointment, in May – August –– hot love, in January – April –– unexpected “set-up.”

If you dreamed about the scars from old burns - according to the Islamic dream book, this is an omen of incredible luck: the dreamer will have to find a real treasure that will make him happy if he disposes of it in accordance with religious commandments.

If a sick person saw scars from healing wounds without crusts and scabs - he will be completely healed. Why do people dream of ulcers and blisters? There will be serious conflicts that will leave deep pain in the soul.

If you dreamed that in a dream after a burn you do not find any traces, this means there will be an exciting event, a meeting that will leave a feeling of anxiety.

Why do you dream about burns of a certain part of the body? According to the Small Veles dream book, to burn the skin on the whole body in a dream – means earning a bad reputation; on your legs - to become famous; and if your hands were burnt – you will gain wealth.

According to the dream book From "A" to "Z", for a woman to see in a dream a trace of something hot on her arms is evidence that she avoids men. A spot on the face - you have to come to terms with what you have.

Why do you dream of suffering from an open flame? Those whom you used to consider your friends are going to harm you. Burns from an open flame on the hands are proof of purity of intent. Some dream interpretations predict the opposite: the participation of friends in your accomplishment of a noble mission.

Getting burns on the soles of your feet from hot coals – means you have tested yourself for fearlessness and are ready to achieve your goal, in addition, you can be confident in your health. To find wounds from hot ashes not only on your feet in a dream - there will be enough strength for good deeds.

If you dreamed of scalding with boiling water - loneliness will be replaced with the happy period of mutual love. In a dream, getting blisters on your hands because you grabbed a hot pan – according to the dream book From "A" to "Z", you will experience the pangs of jealousy. Why do you dream of getting burned with an iron? This dream means you will be very worried in anticipation of the decisions of other people, on whom your future depends.

Wounds on the face, on the neck, eye burns from an explosion – this is a sign to beware of an accident; a burn from the flame of a gas stove – there will be disappointments.

To receive sunburn on a back in a dream - you will suffer from the energetic actions of another person; to see redness from the sun's rays on the chest - predicts the birth of a son.

Sergii Haranenko
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