Jaguar Dream Meaning

What is the jaguar dream meaning and symbolism? Dreams about jaguar usually represent sophisticated and expensive entertainment. But the dream interpreters also give other explanations of this image. Competent business management and knowledge where to risk will bring you incredible results. Besides that you will find a very powerful protector.

The dreambooks warn that a jaguar reflects the darkest sides of character that are usually hidden deep inside. The animal is sometimes warning you about ill-wishers, especially if it was in a company of wild birds. An angry jaguar running along the cage predicts a long contradiction and a difficult but absolute victory. Sometimes a dream about a jaguar can literally mean that you will be limited in your actions and even in personal freedom.

Hearing the feline’s roar is an unfavorable sign: you will hear bad news about losing part of your profit. A sudden attack of a jaguar warns you about betrayal of a new acquaintance. If the wild cat was silently approaching, the dream is a sign that you surrounded by false friends who are looking for a moment to hurt you. This plot symbolizes a cruel lover for a woman. If you were fighting with a jaguar and won, you will handle a very risky and unpredictable situation in real life.

    Remembering the details of the dream will help you understand it better:
  • Hunting a jaguar – rival (for men) and compliments (for women);
  • Fighting the animal and getting a wound – mean deceit, betrayal;
  • Killing a jaguar – recovery, spiritual renewal;
  • Sitting on a jaguar – victory over your enemies, difficult situation;
  • Petting a feline – a dangerous affair or action.

If the jaguar ran away from you in a dream this symbolizes that the project on which you spent a lot of time will not bring the results that expected. Seeing spotted fur in a dream means you will have to work with silly or badly prepared people. A black jaguar in a dream predicts a hard trip or difficult negotiations. Sometimes the animal may symbolize an official task. If the black feline was threatening you in a dream, be prepared for disappointments from your business partners or people close to you. A dead or seriously wounded black jaguar predicts victory over your rivals after a long struggle.

According to Miller, if a sudden meeting with a jaguar scared you in a dream, some strange event will become the reason for breaking a very important contract. But the dreambook is sure that a dead animal predicts favorable results of your activity. A dream about cheetah that looks like a jaguar symbolizes courage, strength, skills, as well as aggression and cruelty. The dream is a hint that you will need to use some special quality in order to solve the situation. A hunting jaguar represents a person whom you do not trust. Try to remember the dream plot to avoid a mistake in real life.

    What are the Top-5 negative jaguar dream meanings?
  • A growling jaguar in dreams speaks of bad news.
  • Dream of a hunting jaguar - warns you can be fired due to the intrigues of colleagues.
  • Feeding a jaguar in a dream - the visit of uninvited guests.
  • Stroking a jaguar in a dream is a sign of a serious mistake.
  • If you dreamed that the jaguar was running away, this means a waste of time.
    Here are the Top-5 positive dreams of jaguar:
  • A dream of a jaguar in the zoo symbolizes a lucky coincidence.
  • Dreaming about jaguar in the apartment - means achieving high position in society.
  • Sitting on a jaguar in a dream - means winning the competition.
  • Killing a jaguar in a dream - promises recovery after a long illness.
  • If you dreamed that the jaguar was sleeping, this means a calm period.
Sergii Haranenko
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