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Black Lion Dream Meaning

Why does the black lion appear in a dream at night? The dream book calls this predator a harbinger of various difficulties: parting, the anger of the management, the hostility of an influential person. But sometimes the dark-colored king of animals seen in a dream predicts protection, the opportunity to avoid danger or start new business.

A dream of a lion of such an unusual color indicates: the dreamer has a connection with powerful forces. Therefore, in a difficult situation, it is not easy to defeat him.

Have you seen a black lion tied on a chain in a dream? The dream interpretation promises an influential patron.

A dream about a black lion is a positive sign for a man. You can start new businesses that will become successful. If the lion was friendly, this means finding a promising job or other activities will bring benefit and pleasure to the dreamer.

Why does such a predator appear in a dream of a person endowed with power? The dream interpretation warns: the sleeper can show the abuse of the available benefits. This will lead to significant problems.

Often a black lion in a dream is an indication: something prevents the dreamer from achieving the recognition, honor and success that he deserves. Perhaps it is a matter of external circumstances, or maybe he does not show enough perseverance himself.

If a woman sees a black lion in a dream, this means she will have a young lover, but she does not have to expect support from him.

A woman's dream about a hunting king of animals of such an unusual color suggests, according to the dream book: she dreams of finding a man with whom all hitherto hidden desires can be realized.

Why does a woman dream of a black lion attacking her? A vision promises a coming parting with a lover.

Did you see in a dream how a black lion and the dogs behaved quite peacefully with each other? The dream interpretation explains: your friend will be able to achieve high position, but will not forget about your friendship.

For a man who dreamed of a black lion the plot may indicate: the dreamer has great sexual power, his partner will be happy.

    The interpretation of the dream takes into account what the black lion was like:
  • calm, tame - the protection of a strong person, but fraught with some kind of danger;
  • aggressive - you will be subject to the wrath of the authorities;
  • sleeping - you can manage to carry out your plans before the enemies become active;
  • busy with their own business - the danger will be very close, but will pass by;
  • weak, exhausted lion - things will change for the better.

Why does one dream of a black lion? According to Miller, the dream means: a person equal to him in strength will rise up against the sleeping man in reality soon.

Did you dream of seeing that a black lion is chasing you? There is danger from a person in authority. A person can use all his influence against you.

The animal also portends, according to the dream book, that you can become an unwitting victim of a conflict of interests of two parties, each of which has some authority and influence. Be careful: your professional future and career are at stake. You can avoid such a situation if you notice its prerequisites in time. You should not enter into conflicts with influential people.

Sergii Haranenko

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