Lobster Dream Meaning

Did you dream about a huge lobster? This is a symbol of a return to the past or a hint that certain events will develop progressively and slowly.

It is bad to see many crustaceans at once. Miller suspects that you are too lazy and clumsy, prefer to go with the flow and wait for a natural change of events.

So this image in a dream can symbolize the desire for luxury or hint at excesses, call for patience or, on the contrary, acceleration.

Did you dream of a motionless lobster? Now you are in a period of stagnation, but your stubbornness and patience will bring stunning results after some time.

If you dream of a live lobster, dream interpretation believes that you are hiding from the problems, closing in yourself. If the vision is complemented by dark colors. then this behavior only exacerbates an already difficult situation.

Dreamed that a crawling lobster? You should be prepared for an coming departure and quite safe road. If you are currently starting a new business, then this character encourages you to move slowly, but purposefully.

Sometimes the appearance of a lobster in a dream means that you are deeply worried about something and do not know what to do.

    In order to get the right interpretation you should take into account the image details:
  • Lobster in the water – obstacles, difficulties;
  • Catching a lobster – way out of a difficult situation;
  • Cooking a lobster – success and luck depend on you;
  • The lobster is following the dreamer – conflicts and misunderstandings;
  • Lobster attacks and pinches you – big trouble, betrayal, adultery.

If you dreamed, the lobster clutched at you tenaciously, then be prepared for a long, debilitating illness with an unknown outcome.

If you had to fight a huge lobster in a dream, this means that you have to overcome your own laziness and inaction.

If the swarming crustaceans were dreamed by a woman in a dream, then there is a possibility that she will become pregnant.

It is good to see a lobster in a dream for people engaged in creativity. Dream interpretation predicts a trip to performance abroad. For all others the image can promise a journey.

If you dreamed of a boiled lobster, this means that some news will disappoint you. The same image warns about great shame and remorse. In addition, the dream book prophesies a pleasant stay in the circle of loved ones.

If you happened to see how the boiled lobster suddenly came to life and attacked, this means you need to refuse to take part in a venture, otherwise you will incur serious losses. Black lobster in a similar vision symbolizes unforeseen complications and sudden problems.

If you ordered an expensive lobster in a restaurant, the dreambooks promise that you will be able to get a position you couldn’t even dream about.

Eating a huge lobster in a dream is worse. This is a symbol of some kind of dependency. Did you dream that you were treated with this delicacy? In real life you will be taken to a solemn event where you can not only eat delicious food, but also make useful connections.

Sergii Haranenko
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