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Eels Dream Meaning

In the Veles dream book, eel represents prudence. Seeing it in a dream symbolizes the successful completion of affairs. Luck in love, a successful pregnancy, the ability to get out in a difficult situation - this is exactly what such a difficult fish means in dreams.

    Gustav Miller promises business people a successful deal, the successful completion of an important project. Understanding the details of what an eel dreams about, he advises paying attention to the following nuances:
  • Catching an eel – conceiving a healthy baby;
  • Getting an eel out of the water – you will manage to complete your work successfully;
  • Losing an eel – losing a chance;
  • To bowel an eel – to expose an ill-wisher;
  • Cooking an eel – fleeting pleasure;
  • Eating an eel – taking the right decision.

This fish is divided into several species. The correct interpretation of the dream depends on their detailed description.

Sea eel.

Psychologists recommend nothing left on chance if you happened to see the sea species of an eel. In order to achieve the goal, you will have to work hard.

River eel.

The freshwater specimen symbolizes victory in the political arena. Be careful if the water in the dream was stagnant and dirty - competitors are ready to pour more than one bucket of dirt on you.

Electric eel.

Seeing electric eels in a dream - predicts problems in sex. Seen image means that the passionate relationship that began recently, will be fleeting. As soon as the romance begins, it ends in drama; you can’t count on a long relationship.

If you happen to see a mountain pond with clean water in which there was an eel, the male half of humanity will be promoted, women will learn about the long-awaited pregnancy.

Pulling nets with an eel catch from the ocean is a symbol of happy love, a coming marriage, a long and rich family life. Your wishes will be fulfilled with the direct support of your second half.

A dish made from river eel portends a win, a cash prize. To treat your loved ones with such dish predicts reconciliation. Former enemies will surely turn into buddies and reliable companions. The main thing is that it is fresh.

And here, as for a dream about spoiled eel carcasses, Vanga's dream book explains this image. The healer warns of possible poisoning, skin diseases, and other ailments that may arise soon.

The eel fry released into the aquarium are considered harbingers of anxiety and troubles associated with children. Toddlers will require increased attention due to colds, adolescents and youth will have problems with study.

Pulling an eel out of the water with your own hands means doing an excellent job. Holding a long cold dark creature in your arms can be a harbinger of a long-lasting illness.

If you dreamed about an eel that slipped out of your hands, you risk being left without a profitable contract, losing a real friend. To see dead eels in a dream means a trap from ill-wishers. Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus advises caution when choosing friends.

Sergii Haranenko

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