Mermaid Dream Meaning

What is the mermaid dream meaning? A mermaid in a dream personifies romance, detachment, carelessness and danger. Seeing a mermaid often reflects the most natural desires: the need for water, for rest in nature, for sensual pleasures. The image can also reflect the dreamer’s inner conflict.

A dream about mermaids often serves as a warning to be more careful with the opposite sex.

Dreams about mermaids also indicate that the dreamer is engulfed in romantic nostalgic moods. If a young woman sees such plot, the interpretation of the dream is pretty simple: she dreams of a trip to the seashore for a long time. Another explanation is that a woman might have a cold and ruthless rival.

The dreambooks also recommend to consider whether your behavior is not too frivolous. The habit of flirting recklessly can lead to the fact that you do not notice your only one in the crowd of fans.

Dr. Freud assumes that a mermaid in a dream reflects the dreamer’s psychological state. This plot means that his emotional background is in critical condition, marginal propensities are observed. The reason may be the lack of opportunities for self-realization.

If you see a mermaid in the water, dream interpretation allows the possibility of a new romance, which will take many pleasant moments, but there is no prospect of a serious relationship.

The dream of a mermaid is often a precursor of family quarrels, the reasons for which are very simple: jealousy, coldness, unwillingness to fulfill everyday duties.

What is the meaning of a dream where you became a mermaid? Becoming a mermaid in a dream predicts a coming marriage or plans implementation. Besides that if you dreamed that you turned into a mermaid, this plot may be a warning about adultery of your partner.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about becoming a mermaid?
  • Being an old mermaid in dreams speaks of an unpleasant meeting with a former partner.
  • If you turned into an ugly mermaid in a dream - this may mean breaking off relations with a friend.
  • Being a mermaid and swimming means fear of the future.
  • Becoming a singing mermaid in a dream - means revealing the secrets of the dreamer.
  • If you became a mermaid killing people in a dream, this is a warning about a dangerous situation.
    What are the Top-5 positive meanings of dreams about becoming a mermaid?
  • Being a river mermaid in a dream speaks of pleasant events.
  • If you were a marine mermaid - this may predict recognition in society.
  • Becoming a mermaid in the lake - is a sign of longevity.
  • Being a mermaid and combing your hair - means receiving a gift.
  • Mermaid dancing in a dream - sign of exciting adventures.
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