Singing A Song Dream Meaning

Only if singing is not your favorite pastime or means of earning, you should pay attention to a dream in which you happened to sing a song. In order to get the most accurate interpretation, you should take into account all the details seen in a dream, even the smallest ones.

Dreaming about karaoke means you will achieve recognition in the field of activity in which you are currently involved.

Miller's dream book about songs

If you dreamed that you were singing a song, you should know that happiness awaits you, but you will have to defend and prove its truth for a very long time. Church chant in your performance has a different meaning. Such stories mean your remorse for something.

But what is the dream in which you sang sad lines with feeling: according to the dreambook, this means failure and bad luck.

What did you sing?

    The meaning of the dream in which you sing a song may vary depending on the genre of the song you performed. Let's compare:
  • singing a funny song is a sign of luck;
  • singing a sad melody - means longing;
  • frivolous chanting is a signal of waste;
  • performance of psalms - pacification;
  • singing a patriotic anthem - a symbol of inflated needs;
  • singing a lullaby - means establishing family relationships;
  • singing an epic ballad about mom or dad is a sign of family celebration;
  • perky ditties about mom or dad - symbolizes a funny situation with a parent.

Big stage as the personification of high needs

Anyone who dreamed that he was singing a song while standing on the stage in the concert hall should give an account of the fact that in order to achieve the goals set, efforts must be made - desires are rarely fulfilled by themselves, says Longo's dream book.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you were flying over the stage? You will be able to achieve what you want very quickly. Love helps you fly - your loved one will turn your dream into reality. But if you flew on your own - a lucky break awaits you.

A merry feast is a harbinger of joy

Singing a song at a drunken party is a symbol that good mood and good luck awaits you, the dream book of Pastor Loff predicts. You see in a dream that you are dancing to your singing - you will achieve much more than you expect.

But, according to the Eastern Dream Book, dancing in a dream to your own chant is a sign of the breadth of the dreamer's soul: you do not know the feeling of envy. Dancing with a partner in a dream - get ready for tandem work that will lead to success.

Repertoire "From the Other World", or Say Goodbye to the Past!

When figuring out why you dream of singing a song, you should pay attention to one fact. If you dreamed that you were performing songs from the repertoire of a deceased singer, this is a sign of not faded hopes. Was the deceased star's repertoire about love? This is a sign that you yearn for past relationships.

But a dream of singing a song of a deceased artist who performed in a humorous genre means you should not be sad, everything will get better very soon, Tsvetkov's dream book promises.

Singing with the Dead: From Closure to Revealing Secrets

If you see in a dream that you are going to sing along with the deceased performer – it means you are too closed in yourself, the Lunar Dream Book states. What does it mean if in a dream you did not manage to get to the rehearsal with the deceased singer? Don't be upset - this is a sign of getting out of a losing streak.

But, according to the Wanderer's dream book, singing with dead people is a sign of revealing secrets that torment you with uncertainty. Do you see in a dream that you did not manage to achieve a good sound singing with dead people? Don't trust strangers.

A dream about bass singing symbolizes one's love to alcoholic beverages.

Why do you dream of singing a lullaby to the deceased person? This is a bad dream that portends death. The same meaning has a dream about singing together with a dead person.

If you were singing aloud through your dream, this is a sign of getting a reward.

Sergii Haranenko
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