Under Water Dream Meaning

Underwater dream symbolism

What is the underwater dream meaning? Water often represents the realm of emotions and the subconscious mind. Dreaming about being underwater may indicate that you are exploring deep emotions, unresolved feelings, or submerged aspects of your psyche. It could suggest the need to dive into your emotional world, confront hidden fears, or explore unexpressed aspects of yourself.

Being underwater in a dream can symbolize your ability to adapt to challenging situations or navigate through difficult emotions. It may suggest that you are going with the flow, finding creative solutions, or learning to cope with overwhelming circumstances in your waking life. This dream can reflect your resilience and ability to thrive even in uncertain or turbulent times.

Water is often associated with intuition and the unconscious mind. Dreaming of being underwater may signify the need to listen to your inner voice, trust your instincts, or rely on your intuition for guidance in your waking life. It could be a reminder to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with your intuitive abilities.

Water is closely linked to transformation and renewal. Being underwater in a dream may represent a period of significant change, personal growth, or the process of rebirth. It can symbolize the shedding of old patterns, beliefs, or emotions, and embracing a new phase of life or a fresh start.

Dreams about being underwater can also indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed by emotions or situations in your life. It may suggest that you are struggling to stay afloat or feeling emotionally submerged. This dream can serve as a reminder to take care of your emotional well-being, seek support if needed, or find healthy ways to manage stress.

Underwater dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about being deep underwater? It is usually pretty unpleasant to find yourself under water in your dream, especially if you feel the lack of air. According to Loff’s dreambook, if you were swimming under water this is a sign meaning that you will be able to live in any part of the world, where you only wish.

If it was hard to breathe in your dream, you should beware of some danger in real life. If you enjoyed swimming under water in your dream, this symbol predicts wishes coming true. The ocean excites and attracts you, so if you have never seen it in reality, there is no need to postpone your trip.

If you saw yourself scuba diving in a dream, this is a reflection of your wish to slow down your life pace. You may have solved a number of problems lately and now you really need a rest and a long vacation.

To dive in your dream is a symbol showing deep feelings. It is not necessary that the object of these feelings is the person of the opposite sex. This can also be a child, a relative or good friend.

The water seen in your dream is the reflection of the dreamer’s emotional state. Swimming in calm and clear water means that in reality there will be a very calm period. There will be no emotional shakes and surges.

A dream about swimming in boiling dirty waters represents the emergence of a threat that could shake your current well-being.

If you saw that you were under water in a dream, this means you will be able to overcome some obstacle in real life. The dreambooks are warning that you will need to fight for your happiness.

Seeing yourself under water depth and watching other people from there means that you are looking for support from your family and friends in real life. Suffocating while diving in a dream predicts panic and fear that will appear in a situation that will be very unusual for you.

According to the Universal dreambook, if you were under water surface, this is a sign of some danger. You also feel the need for deep analysis of the deeds you made earlier. If you felt that you couldn’t breathe under water, this symbol can mean that it is difficult for you to communicate with people. You should be more open.

If you saw a dream about scuba diving, you will probably have some significant events in your life. They will help improve the current situation and will secure you from future troubles. If you had a dream that you could easily swim and breathe under water, this plot is telling you that you have a very good intuition; you should listen to it more often.

Seeing yourself as a bodyguard on the water predicts taking part in new endeavor. Your fearlessness and keen mind will help you achieve a lot.

If you had a dream that you were swimming under water and saw stones at the bottom this is a symbol of difficulties and obstacles that would arise on the way to your goal.

The Wanderer’s dreambook assumes that if you were walking in a city located under water in your dream, this means you are attracted by new countries and discoveries, but you still can not venture a trip.

A dream about a church under water depth makes you think about your actions lately. If it was your house instead of church under water, this sign is a promise of a happy life.

If you happened to be under water and saw a car driving along the road there, you should be ready for a short business trip. If there was a ship sliding above you on the waves, there will be great life changes.

Underwater sex dream meaning

What does it mean if you dreamed about sex under water? Water in dreams is always a symbol of the unconscious, of everything that is connected with the inner instinctive-sensual nature of a person.

    Having sex underwater may refer to:
  • the desire for close (but not necessarily sexual) communication with someone;
  • the sensual basis of the character and worldview of the dreamer;
  • the desire to cross a certain line in a relationship, to overcome an obstacle.

Also, a dream about sex under water can mean merging with the maternal element, the desire to return to the embryonic state, reconnect with the mother's body, escape from adulthood, and eliminate.

For men, such a dream is a symbol of the activation of the Oedipus complex, pronounced infantilism, childish perceptions, unwillingness to become an adult, dreams of eternal childhood in the womb of the mother. For women, a dream about sex underwater is a symbol of motherhood, a subconscious desire to have a child.

Another interpretation of this dream is the following: penetration into the higher spheres, the activity of the unconscious, aimed at cognizing the elements of nature and space, merging with the universe, feeling oneself as a part of it. The dreamer is like a child of the universe.

Dreams about underwater world

The amazing thing about dreams is that you can live anywhere. Being under water can symbolize potential danger. However, it can also be just a place where you find yourself with other dream characters.

These kinds of dreams can be wish fulfillment dreams, especially if you are deeply attracted to the ocean. It can also indicate a desire to run away from the hardships of life.

Perhaps the most interesting effect in dreams about the underwater world is that everything around is seen as if we are under water, even if, in fact, we are not. People's movements may be slow, you may feel a special fluidity. Or it may be that aquatic life will be mixed with the surface environment. In dreams of this type, the dreamer may feel the need to escape or, conversely, to slow down the pace of life in order to more carefully follow the events taking place.

If in a dream you were under water, how did you feel there: as if this was a “normal” situation for you, or did the situation make you nervous?

According to the Wanderer's dreambook, an aquatic world represents our subconscious, the past, the world of feelings and desires; depth of inner life and various insights, intuition.

Sergii Haranenko
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