Naked Husband Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about your naked husband, there is a possibility he might have a chronic disease. Seeing yourself and your husband naked prepares you for hard times of problems, financial crisis and bad luck. The dream can also bring scandals to your family and revealing of shameful truth. Seeing your husband naked in big company predicts great quarrel with unpleasant consequences. If everyone in the company was naked, your life will be full of friendly warmth and joy. The image of your naked husband also symbolizes the intrigues of your ill-wishers.

If you have a dream about your naked husband, this plot usually reflects your own inner feelings and vulnerability that you are trying to hide from others. If your husband was naked, but was wearing a condom, your planned meeting or event will not come to life.

Catching your husband with a lover suggests you are not satisfied with your life in general. If you met your naked husband and his lover in public place, the image predicts you will be in the middle of a very unpleasant scandal and will have miserable feelings.

Your ex-husband comes naked to your dream to indicate that you will find out something shameful about him. The dream may also show that you have an illness you are trying to hide from people. Sometimes a naked ex-husband is warning you to stop your excessive flirting which will bring you many troubles.

Your deceased husband seen naked in a dream proves that he is resting in peace. Sometimes he may warn you about coming problems, especially if he was sad or upset. If a naked late husband often comes to your dreams, the interpretation can be twofold: you will either get seriously sick or will make a very big mistake that will ruin your life.

A naked and absolutely drunk husband reflects your real alcohol addiction you are trying to fight with. This dream can also warn about a problem which you will have to solve immediately. If your naked husband was gay in your dream, this indicates you will have a number of quarrels.

    Some dream details can give you better interpretation of what you saw:
  • your naked husband was seen in a company of women – self deceit, illusions;
  • he was at your neighbor – sorrows, poverty;
  • in the middle of full street – a stupid mistake;
  • in a shop – big changes;
  • taking shower – joy and health.
Sergii Haranenko
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