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Naked Man Dream Meaning

A naked man seen in dream is interpreted quite ambiguously by dreambooks. The interpretation depends on who was the dreamer. Nakedness itself symbolizes vulnerability; if a young man sees himself naked, he will either have personal problems or some obstacles in business sphere. Some dreambooks warn about health problems coming. If a man is standing naked in the middle of public place and has no opportunity to cover himself, the dreambooks advise to act carefully and cautiously; uncertainty can influence the dreamer’s future badly.

If a man sees himself bathing in a pool with clean clear water and he feels good in a dream and has positive emotions, the dream promises success and welfare, as well as opportunity to justify himself before others.

If the nude man in your dream behaves absolutely naturally and doesn’t notice his nakedness, this plot indicates that you need to beware to other people’s tricks in real life. This plot is also a sign that the dreamer will easily overcome the difficulties that will stand on his way. Panic of a naked man can by interpreted as insufficient experience and skills for solving the problems in real life. In this situation it is better not to ask for help, but try to sort everything out yourself.

A nude man whom a girl-dreamer knows is a sign of this man’s sympathy. In some cases this dream may indicate the person’s illness or problems in personal sphere. Dr. Freud considered that if a man dreams of another naked man, he has unconscious uncertainty about his sexuality, physical power or looks. A dead naked man means there is a risk to purchase an item of bad quality or unnecessary one.

If a girl saw herself in a nude man’s bed, the dream symbolizes sudden uncontrolled sexual affection to the person of opposite sex. Making love to him shows that she is not satisfied with her current partner; there is no harmony in their relations.

A handsome athletic half-naked man in his underwear promises financial success, welfare and incredible success with the opposite sex. A shaggy frail nude man in a dream symbolizes the person’s drawbacks, his narrow-mindedness. You should pay more attention to your health, looks and education.

Sergii Haranenko

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