Granddaughter Dream Meaning

Granddaughter in a dream, regardless of your age and status in reality, personifies comfort, happiness, achievement of inner harmony. Interpreting what descendants symbolize in a dream, it is necessary to recall the circumstances in which you happened to meet with them, their appearance, behavior, actions. The dreaming image is sometimes explained by dream books as a symbolic reminder of the legacy that you must leave behind.

Various dream books ambiguously interpret what the granddaughter’s death represents in a dream. So, the Modern combined dreambook connects the image in which the granddaughter died with the existing anxiety about the future of the character. The dreaming plot can be caused by recent events that occurred in reality, which affected the dreamer's subconscious and were reflected in the dream.

Another explanation of why the dream in which the granddaughter died can be seen, can be found in the General Dream Book. The interpretation of a dream indicates a cooling of the relationship between the dreamer and person he saw in the plot (grandchild).

Seeing how a little granddaughter is being killed in a dream promises by the dreambook of Miss Hasse a conflict with an influential person. If the child is covered in blood, then, in reality, there will be disagreements with relatives.

To see how your granddaughter drowns in the water, predicts misfortune and troubles. To save the granddaughter from the water successfully - the situation will be resolved favorably. To catch the granddaughter with pills in a dream, promises minor anxieties and empty worries.

If you dreamed that a little granddaughter was born, regardless of real circumstances, this plot tells about the possibility of finding common language with people, with whom you have become related, the dream book from A to Z states. Esoterics compare the birth of a granddaughter in a dream with favorable changes that will bring peace and tranquility.

To see someone else’s newborn granddaughter is a promise of unexpected joy. Seeing your granddaughter pregnant foreshadows success in business for those who have no heirs in reality. Pregnancy of a granddaughter, existing in reality, predicts the receipt of a desired gift. To see that your granddaughter gave birth – predicts her pregnancy soon.

The Jewish dream book connects the granddaughter’s wedding in a dream with extraordinary circumstances or a confusing situation in her life, which only you can positively influence. If the little granddaughter marries a decrepit old man, this means you will have to wait a bit for success in the current business. Another interpretation of such a vision suggests the girl’s health problems.

Why do you dream of losing a granddaughter? The dreaming image promises by a Modern combined dream book minor troubles directly related to children. Miss Hasse interprets the vision in which one lost the grandchild as a result of the heavy overload of a sleeping person. You have so burdened yourself with duties and concerns that you are not able to live calmly and measuredly. Losing a granddaughter in a crowd of people indicates excessive concern for other people's affairs, which negatively affects one's own life.

Interpreting why one dreams of talking to his granddaughter, the dream book pays attention to the topic and emotional load of the dialogue. So, scolding her in a dream portends events, the consequences of which you will greatly regret and repent.

Watching a baby-granddaughter cry in a dream, symbolizes empty anxieties and vain worries.

Kissing the granddaughter testifies to the joy of communicating with people you care about. For older people, the vision in which they happened to kiss to their grandchild suggests a happy and prosperous old age.

    Psychologist Miller explains the dream of the granddaughter, depending on its plot. So:
  • a naked little baby in a dream - predicts the onset of important, decisive events;
  • deceased granddaughter - personifies remorse that will not let you go;
  • to breastfeed a newborn – portends the emergence of new directions, fresh ideas;
  • the granddaughter disappeared in a dream - to unexpected but pleasant moments.
Sergii Haranenko
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