Niece Dream Meaning

In order to understand what a dream about your niece means you should remember that relatives in a dream represent small troubles and conflicts.

According to Miller, if a woman sees a dream about her little niece, this image is a warning about sorrows and obstacles that she will have to face with dignity. If a single man sees a dream about a little nice, this plot is a hint that he has to start thinking about his own family.

Dr. Freud gives interesting interpretation of dreams about your niece’s wedding. If a woman saw her niece in a wedding dress, this plot means that the dreamer’s personal life is on the verge of collapse. Besides that such a dream is a symbol of dissatisfaction with your status or relations with the opposite sex.

A Modern dreambook gives interpretation of an image of your husband’s niece in a wedding dress. The dream is a symbol of interesting perspective actions and incredible life changes. Seeing your husband’s niece getting married to a man of her age means you will have to prove your personal position.

A dream about pregnant niece predicts getting income or financial bonus. If such dream is seen by a young girl, this is just a symbol of empty worries about an unplanned pregnancy. If a man sees his niece pregnant in a dream he will get overwhelming news. If your niece is pregnant in real life as well, not only in your dream, this is a sign that the labor will go smoothly and there is nothing to worry about. Seeing the birth of the baby in a dream is a symbol of profitable and perspective business.

A dream about your niece’s death is a symbol of ending of something important. Some dreambooks associate death of a relative in a dream with getting inheritance or unexpected financial bonus.

Seeing a deceased niece with long hair is a symbol of reconciliation with relatives. If the deceased niece behaved violently, this means that solving the conflict can last up to several months.

    In order to understand the meaning of the dream, you should remember the details of how your niece looked:
  • A niece with long hair predicts a trip or unexpected guests;
  • Unborn niece in a dream – unexpected news;
  • Seeing your brother’s or sister’s daughter gloomy and unfriendly – you will have financial problems;
  • If she was hugging you – you lack family warmth in real life;
  • If your niece was pale or lost weight this is a sign of worries and disappointment;
  • If the girl turned to be older than you this means that you are worried about your fading beauty.
Sergii Haranenko
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