Number 5 Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of number five in dreams? According to the Dream Interpretation Tutorial, number 5 is a sign of freedom of action. Therefore, it often portends change. It corresponds to the planet Mercury, which rotates very quickly around the sun.

This number means instant actions, clear relationships.

The only precaution that the number five carries in your dream is not to waste energy in vain as not to become a victim of a habit.

Your success associated with the number five in a dream lies on untrodden paths.

Shereminskaya’s dreambook considers number 5 a number of feelings of freedom.

It is a symbol of activity, emancipation, energy, impulsiveness, ingenuity and adventure. It means spiritual delight and change.

The Chinese dreambook gives the following brief interpretations.Five-color paper - speaks of great addition to your wealth. Five cereals growing and full juice in a dream – mean gaining wealth.

Did you encounter number 5 in an address in your dream? If in a dream you hear how a pleasant voice pronounces an address consisting of only fives, this means you will need patience and diligence to cope with the deal that will fall on you 5 days after you see this dream. Most likely, you forgot something very important, so your actions in real life will be belated and will bring little benefit, but doing nothing is even worse.

If the voice in a dream is unpleasant to your hearing, and all the fives uttered by it sound rude or shrill, then expect on Friday next week the appearance of a woman in your house who can give you everything you dream of. However, for married people, this dream serves as a warning - you are behaving too freely and therefore will be punished for your indiscretion, this is the interpretation of Dream interpretation by numbers.

If you are trying to read a written or printed address in a dream, but your voice stumbles or breaks on the numbers 5, 14, 23, 32 and the rest, the numbers of which form a five in total, this is a sign that a long awaited success will come into your life in your life in 14 days. Five days ago, you talked to a person who gave you the opportunity to start a new business or take on an interesting project, and if you immediately began to work actively, then after a specified period of time you will find yourself at the height of the situation.

But if your voice trembles on the numbers 5, 14 and 23, this means all your thoughts do not go beyond direct and quick benefits for you personally, so your activity will be short and unpromising. If your voice also highlights other numbers from this series, then most likely you have five important problems that you need to deal with - if you solve them, the enjoyment of victory will be complete after 14 days.

Seeing in a dream an address handwritten in children's handwriting and completely covered with fives and other numbers, the numbers of which, when added, give the same number “5”, is a sign of a trip out of town in a pleasant company and joyful chores. If the handwriting is large, this means you will get great pleasure, but after 5 days this trip will backfire on you with unpleasant consequences. If the handwriting is small and uneven, you will not only rest, but will also be able to make a profitable acquaintance in an informal setting. The dream recommends that you meet a new acquaintance on the 5th, 14th or 23rd to make the relationship stronger, because after 5 months this person will come in handy for you.

If in a dream you notice that the address with the number “5” is written in your handwriting, but you don’t remember when you wrote it down, this is a sign that you fell into a psychological trap: it’s hard for you to refuse a loved one or put a friend in his place, but these strange commitments hurt your business.

If in a dream you walk up and down the street and can’t find the house with the number “5”, this is evidence that your love affair has dragged on too long and brings you no longer joy, but sheer anxiety. Pay attention to the conversation with your partner that will take place 14 days after you see this dream, and draw the appropriate conclusions. If you still find the house number five in a dream, this means it is still possible to reanimate the relationship with this person or transfer it from love to friendship, but if you don’t find the house, then accept parting as the only correct way out of this uncomfortable situation.

If in a dream you enter a house with number "5" and open an apartment with the same number with your own key, be prepared for the fact that the affairs and plans of your main rivals will collapse in 5 weeks, and if you pick up the baton from them in time, you can become ten times stronger than you are now. This dream is especially pleasant for businessmen. For women, it promises the complete and unconditional surrender of a loved one.

Sergii Haranenko
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