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Orchid Dream Meaning

In real life orchid is considered a woman’s flower. Seen in a dream, the flower promises luck in love and business success. The details of dream interpretation depend on the looks of the orchid and your actions with it.

A dry plant is a warning about problems with business and work issues. According to Miller’s dreambook, a blooming orchid predicts happiness in your personal life, success on the love front. Another interpretation of such dream is that it promises success for the dreamer in a risky and absolutely hopeless business. Besides that it promises sensitive and sophisticated pleasures that will stay in your memory for a long time.

A broken red orchid symbolizes the coolness of love feelings and aspirations. A faded orchid means loneliness for a woman. Maybe this is a period of life uncertainty and the dreamer needs this time for spiritual growth.

It is easy to guess about the symbolism of an orchid according to Dr. Freud. The interpreter considers that this plot promises great sensual pleasure and satisfaction. A black flower seen in a dream predicts the dreamer an opportunity to experience the thrill, the acquisition of a grandiose sexual experience.

A red orchid seen in a dream by a young woman predicts her meeting with an experienced lustful man who will wake up her sensual feelings and will teach her to love sexual experiments. A white orchid predicts strong and mutual love, according to Miller. According to Vanga, the white flower represents the dreamer’s high spirituality; a yellow orchid means viciousness and immaturity of your soul and love to squabbling.

If you received a yellow orchid as a present in your dream, this means there will be gossip and slander around your intimate life. If the flower was another color and given by a person of the opposite sex, this means he/she has feelings for you. Some dreambooks think that if the dreamer received an orchid as a present in a dream, he will not wait for his partner from a long-lasting trip. If you gave this flower to someone in a dream, this shows you will have a long connection with this person or indicates your mutual sympathy.

According to Miller, a dream about picking a white blooming orchid predicts getting married soon. If a man saw such plot, the dream promises him a meeting with a pure young woman who will occupy his heart for a long time.

If you were planting or replanting the orchid in your dream, such image predicts getting apart with your beloved one soon. Putting an orchid in a vase represents a start of new interesting romance. Planting a number of orchids shows your calm character and that you will have some obstacles in your life soon. You will cope with all the problems with dignity and honor.

Sergii Haranenko

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