Visa Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about foreign visa, dream interpretation is sure that in the real world after a series of delays and failures you will be able to satisfy your most audacious requests.

The most popular interpretation of a dream indicates a banal desire to see the world. However, the dream book offers a more symbolic interpretation. What does the dream about permission to cross the border mean? Perhaps, not quite consciously, somewhere deep inside you are ready for global change.

Visa in a dream means that you are ready to abandon former worldviews, memories, oppressive emotions and complexes. In essence, this document acts as a symbol of removal of psychological restrictions on spiritual cleansing.

The same dream image promises major changes in general in relation to the world around you. Sometimes in a dream you can see a permit as a sign of misunderstanding of others and loneliness. Perhaps it is your personal spiritual growth that will alienate people who literally do not “reach out” to your level. Dream interpretation promises that you will meet like-minded people soon.

If you decided to cross the border in a dream not having required visa, dream interpretation suspects that you are aiming for adventure at any cost.

Did you dream that you came to a foreign country without visa? Previously committed action was the cause of remorse.

If the border guards didn’t let you into the country because of the lack of the necessary document? Subconsciously, you dread your own destiny.

Miller considers visa in a dream a sign promising a joyful trip in the company of good friends. Sometimes it is a hint that you need to change the place of residence, or at least go to foreign lands for a while.

Did you have to apply for visa in a dream? You are risking getting into a rather difficult situation. Dream interpretation also predicts a quarrel or a long separation from a loved one. Applying for entry permit for the whole family is good. This means that you will be able to adequately relax even at home.

If after long unrest you managed to get a visa, the inevitable parting will be extremely calm and quiet. Although the dream book believes that you were preparing for a hot showdown and creepy scenes.

    Besides that one should remember where you planned to go in a dream:
  • To America – unselfishness will become the reason of your problems;
  • To Africa – your secret will be revealed;
  • To Italy – sudden respect;
  • To Spain – a worthy offer;
  • To France – empty dreams;
  • To Tibet – touching a mystery.
Sergii Haranenko
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