Breaking The Window Dream Meaning

Broken window dream meaning

Breaking a window in a dream or seeing someone throw a stone in it means going out on the warpath. Dreambooks are warning: the situation around you is heating up, someone is trying to interfere with your plans in every possible way. However, a house with broken windows can be seen by people who are tired of loneliness.

According to Miller people rarely see dreams about buildings with broken windows and shards of glass. Such image means receiving important information that the dreamer doesn’t want to hear about. It is a good sign if you broke the window yourself in a dream. This means you are tired of loneliness and it is time to change something.

    Miller gives detailed explanation of seeing a house with broken windows:
  • to see the mess from inside - you will make a lot of effort to please everyone;
  • to destroy the building from the outside - you are morally ready for property disputes; gathering glass - to search for a compromise;
  • to get into the gaping hole – acquaintance.

A room with broken windows does not necessarily mean the beginning of a conflict. To see shards of glass in a dream is the same thing as finding out about someone's secret. If you dreamed that you were directly involved in making the mess you should be ready to find out that your sexual partner is unfaithful.

The dreambooks also speak of coming quarrels because of jealousy. Breaking the window predicts family scandals, adultery, parting with beloved.

Dreams about being wounded by glass while breaking the window are usually seen by virgin girls who are ready to lose virginity. Dream interpretation predict the emergence of sexual partner in the girl’s life and the beginning of romantic relationship.

However, disappointments will not take long. To break a window in a dream also means to get a number of problems in intimate life. The dream may be associated with the appearance of diseases of the sexual sphere, partner's infidelity, even betrayal.

To break the window and get into a room is a sign of long-awaited acquaintance and achieving your own goals, even in obscene ways. All his tasks will be completed, the dreamer will finally see a number of possibilities that were previously hidden from him.

Watching from the inside how someone breaks into your room in a dream is a symbol of popularity. At last you have caught the attention of a person with whom you have long dreamed of starting to communicate. If such dream is seen by a young woman, it is a promise of a number of admirers.

Dream about someone breaking in through window

Dreaming of someone breaking in through a window can symbolize a feeling of intrusion or a violation of your personal boundaries. It may reflect concerns about your privacy being compromised in your waking life.

These dreams can be manifestations of your fears and anxieties. The act of someone breaking in may represent your fears of being physically or emotionally vulnerable in real life.

Dreaming of a break-in may indicate that you have concerns about your safety and security in your waking life. It could be related to your living situation, your neighborhood, or general feelings of insecurity.

The person breaking in through the window may symbolize hidden threats or challenges that you perceive in your life. You may have concerns about unexpected or hidden dangers.

These dreams might be a reflection of your desire for protection or a need to take steps to secure your physical or emotional well-being.

Sometimes, dreams of break-ins are a way for your subconscious mind to process and confront underlying fears or anxieties that you may not be fully aware of in your waking life.

Dreaming of a break-in can also reflect feelings of powerlessness or a lack of control over certain aspects of your life. It may indicate a need to regain a sense of control or take proactive steps to address your concerns.

Sergii Haranenko
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