Buying Watermelon Dream Meaning

If you decided to buy a watermelon in a dream, you can be waiting for big profit, inspiration, energy raise on long-distance trip.

According to Miller, if you bought a huge watermelon, there’s a risk to make hasty conclusions or commit a thoughtless act.

If a woman bought a watermelon in her dream, the most popular interpretation of the dream is coming pregnancy. But if she breaks it in a dream, this means she will decide to make an abortion in real life.

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Besides that a woman can see such plot before meeting a man with whom she will have strong and long relations. But if the watermelon in the woman’s dream was unripe or rotten, her dreams will not come true.

If a man bought an unripe or rotten watermelon in his dream, such plot predicts relations with a silly girl with bad temper.

If you were choosing a huge berry on the market, you will have problems and misunderstandings at work.

If an ill dreamer bought a watermelon, this is a symbol of soon recovery. Seeing the unripe pulp means that the crisis of the disease is still approaching.

If a healthy dreamer bought a green watermelon, his wishes will not come true. If it turned to be too watery inside, the perspective might be quite foggy. After such a dream you should think your plans over once again.

If you bought the watermelon out of season this means that the plan you have will bring more harm than good. You can bring troubles into your life by your own actions.

If you decided to steal a watermelon in a dream, this means that a slight stupidity will result in long and very unpleasant consequences.

    If you remember what you did with the purchase, you can get more detailed interpretation of the dream:
  • Carried in your hands – burdensome, unpleasant worries;
  • Cutting it in halves – a quarrel with your beloved one;
  • Cutting on slices – the payment for delusion;
  • Ate it ripe – wealth, prosperity, love;
  • Treated others with it – a good turn of events.

    If you saw someone buying a huge watermelon and then give it to you as a present, you should remember this person because he will be the reason of your future problems.

    If you bought a watermelon and gave it to another person, this means you will set up a friend or colleague in real life. If you bought a watermelon and broke it in a dream, your worries and fears will be gone soon or you will find out that they are groundless.

Sergii Haranenko
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