Cannon Dream Meaning

Did you dream about a gun? The cannon seen in a dream portends the possibility of defeat, loss of work, trouble, illness. However, some details are interpreted by dream books quite optimistically: there will be a favorable situation, joyful events, successful affairs.

    What it means if you saw a dream about cannon? Remember what you did to the gun in the night plot:
  • you heard a distant gun shot – you will get important news;
  • you saw shooting from many cannons - you will become an observer of the conflict in the team;
  • the cannon was charged - get ready for a confrontation with someone;
  • you shot a person from a cannon - shame is coming;
  • if you did not hit the goal - this means an unsuccessful attempt to implement the plan.

How does Miller’s dream book interpret the cannon seen in a dream? A person who knows how to manage his affairs can expect that after many failures he will be able to conduct successful endeavors.

The dreamed vision of a cannon personifies decisiveness, strength, courage. Perhaps in the very near future a certain event will occur when these qualities will be required from the dreamer.

To see cannon in a dream means: there is some danger ahead, you must beware. It is advisable to avoid risky endeavors, even if they seem very attractive.

If a young woman heard a cannon shot in a dream, this means she would marry a military man.

The dreaming about gun also warns against a possible defeat. Therefore, do not get involved in a fight or debate about something.

What it means if you heard a cannon firing in a dream? The Wanderer Dream Interpretation explains: you may soon lose your job. Perhaps this will happen independently of you.

If businessmen hear that it is shooting, this dream portends poor management of affairs. As a result, business will be in decline.

For a woman the cannon that is firing promises: a sensation will happen that will bring the dreamer the fame of an inanimate, grumpy person. For a married lady, the interpretation of a dream is somewhat different: she will be in trouble because of other women.

If in a dream you were killed by a cannon shot, Vanga's dream book warns: wicked and foolish people will annoy you in reality. It is necessary to stock up on patience in order to break off less and save your nerves.

If you fired from a gun in a dream, but accidentally hit your own home – this plot means the disease lies in wait for you. This will be the result of your same carelessness.

What is the meaning of a dream about being killed by cannon? You can also get a serious illness that will bring both physical and mental suffering.

Have you watched the gun in a dream? This means you want to change the established way of life, and you are ready to take decisive steps for this.

To see a cannon near which the cannonballs are stacked means: there will be a favorable situation, the opportunity to influence your affairs, to direct their course in the right direction.

If you happened to see how a shot from cannon hit the target for sure, this is a harbinger of success, new achievements in the business field and the love front.

To observe saluting cannon fire in a dream means: some joyful events are coming. This plot also promises the dreamer: he will soon receive the desired thing.

Sergii Haranenko
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