Battle Dream Meaning

What does combat mean in a dream? Any battle in a dream symbolizes the opposition of external and internal, the need for harmony and peace. Given the various details, the dream books will tell you in detail why the fighting appears in a dream.

Mr. Miller claims in his dream book that you will struggle with many difficulties. But in the end, you will certainly be the winner if you saw a battle in your dream.

Seeing a battle in a dream means that anxiety and uncertainty have lodged in your soul for a long time. It is also possible that in reality you completely abandoned the struggle and rely on fate completely.

How to understand a dream that you are personally involved in some fighting? This plot predicts a quarrel with coworkers, friends, or neighbors.

    A more complete interpretation of a dream will be given by its nuances. But first of all, it is recommended to consider who exactly happened to see the fight in a dream:
  • An ill person - means a speedy recovery.
  • A young coquette - predicts the rivalry of fans.
  • A married lady - disagreements in the house.
  • A young guy - a new hobby.
  • A lonely man - means competition.
  • A married man - an invitation to someone else's wedding.

Did you dream about a sword fight? If you happen to watch it, this means you need to think again before making a responsible decision.

If you were fighting with swords in a dream, this means that you will have a formidable rival or even an enemy. Sometimes a sword battle, according to the Wanderer's dream book, marks great benefit and good luck, but only if you become the winner.

And, of course, do not be upset if you are injured during the battle. This is a symbol of a coming appointment to a new position.

A battle with knives is considered a negative sign in a dream. It promises quarrels and disagreements, losses, failures and other problems of varying severity.

By the way, if a man dreamed that he had a knife fight, Medea's dream book is sure that he will have a rival and a reason for jealousy, which will eventually lead to parting with his beloved.

Did you have a dream that there was a war with numerous battles and combats? There is a whole stage filled with conflicts, quarrels and showdowns ahead.

Did you see in a dream that a war had begun? Get ready to do incredibly difficult and demanding work that takes time and dedication.

The paramilitary games seen in a dream symbolize waste of time, pointless arguments and fun.

Games like this signify the dreamer's unwillingness to get involved in real problems. Sometimes the play setting of the battle has a symbolic meaning and reflects the ritual of something.

What does it mean if you had a dream of some kind of battle and a grand victory in it? In reality, you will be able to cope with the existing difficulties.

If a battle with an unknown enemy brought you victory, this means you will find the right way out of difficult situations, will fix some mistakes and earn the favor of Fortune.

For the sick, victory in a dream marks the turning point of the disease and subsequent recovery.

Did you dream that you lost the battle? The bad actions of others will interfere with the successful implementation of your plans.

Losing in a dream is a sign of a breakdown and incipient depression. After such an ending, you should not start new business or relationships - they are doomed to failure.

The most interesting interpretation is given to a dream in which a person happened to fight a demon. For people practicing magic, this is a reflection of success in practice. For other dreamers, a battle with a demon warns of clashes with bosses, enemies, or competitors.

Sergii Haranenko
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