Train Crash Dream Meaning

What it means to see train wreck in a dream? The dreambooks are warning that a train accident seen in a dream predicts minor quarrels and problems in relations.

If the underground train went off the rails in your dream, this plot is warning about household problems related to your apartment. There is a possibility of leakage of pipes, plumbing breakdowns or problems with electrical wiring.

If you saw a train wreck when it was a warm season, you should get ready for a moving from your house or at work. Autumn in a dream symbolizes cooling of the feelings in real life; winter predicts financial welfare.

If someone was hit be a freight train in a dream, you can expect pleasant news from work that can seriously change your life. Besides that it can reflect the necessity to have a long business trip to another city.

If you saw a burning train station and a train that exploded near it, this plot is a sign of possible default on your business partners.

If a train hit someone in your dream, you should try not to exert yourself physically in real life. Any injury can become dangerous and will force you to seek qualified help in the hospital.

A dream about train collision predicts a new love adventure that will take all your thoughts.

Getting under the train in a dream is a sign that you have to be careful on a street or in public transport. Random people will try to cheat you or lure your money.

Jumping out of a train on the rails means you will have some household chores or shopping on the coming weekend. A train compartment seen in a dream predicts a visit of unexpected guests. A railway carriage is a sign that your relatives need your attention and support.

Jumping out of the train on the railway predicts betrayal of your partner or friend.

Sergii Haranenko
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