Tsunami Dream Meaning

Seeing tsunami in a dream actually means a vibrant social life. If in a dream you suffered from tsunami, it means that in real life social upheavals and emotional disturbances will have a very adverse effect on your life.

To watch how a person close to you or a relative suffered from this giant wave means that the interpretation of sleep will pass on to him. A dream in which the tsunami has not affected you portends good luck and pleasant surprises.

As interpreted by the dream book, tsunami seen by men means that in the near future you will receive promotion at work.

In Vanga’s dream book, tsunami seen in a dream means excitement and anxiety, so the bigger it is, the more worries await you ahead.

Such a dream suggests that you will soon have a very difficult time. If, after the action of tsunami, you observe surf of the sea, such dream means all your problems will be resolved very quickly.

According to the dream book, the tsunami seen by women in a dream, means that someone will try to break up your family and take your husband away from you.

The dream in which you watched the action of force of nature warns of some difficulties. If you experience positive emotions when you see tsunami, it means that in reality you have reached great heights in your career and in the near future will try to do everything possible to achieve even better results. Nevertheless, try to get rid of excessive ambitions. Do not overly exalt yourself above others, it can cause immense harm to your career.

In Freud’s dream book, seeing tsunami destroying your home portends a family quarrel or a quarrel with people close to you. Such a dream will require strength of spirit, endurance, prudence, the ability to control oneself and the ability to treat others with understanding.

What does the tsunami symbolize in a dream of in certain months of the year - January, February, March, April: a scandal will break out with my mother-in-law or with your wife;

May, June, July, August: you will repent of some of your actions.

September, October, November, December: your weaknesses will take over you.

If we pay attention to the description of the tsunami in modern dream books, the action of the force of nature in a dream usually falls upon those who are actually in the grip of their emotions and emotional worries. For example, such a dream can symbolize relationships within the family.

Tsunami can erase everything in its path without leaving a trace of the former calm life. There is also a version that the tsunami in a dream does not speak about feelings and emotions, but about a busy life in the society that you lead in reality.

Why do you dream of a tsunami? A frequent vision of disasters in a dream means the desire for a quiet and peaceful harbor in reality. Remember that your thoughts and desires are material, try to tune in a positive way and then everything will be fine in your life!

In any case, a tsunami in a dream characterizes your emotions, feelings and anxieties, so try to be calmer about external stimuli in your daily life.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on who saw the plot about tsunami:
  • a pregnant woman dreams of tsunami - troubles and worries associated with future childbirth;
  • a young girl - a romantic relationship with a handsome guy;
  • tsunami seen by a woman - means the appearance of a rival;
  • if a man reams of tsunami - there may be a quarrel with his mother-in-law.
    What was happening in a dream of tsunami?
  • running away from tsunami - indicates the fear of public speaking;
  • to survive after tsunami - means getting rid of trouble;
  • hiding from tsunami in the mountains - the help of an influential patron in difficult times;
  • watching the tsunami - predicts break off relations with a partner;
  • swimming in the sea during tsunami - the successful signing of an important deal;
  • to die in tsunami - is a sign of longevity;
  • getting into tsunami - means gossip and intrigue;
  • hiding in the house from tsunami - means being fired from work;
  • running away from the tsunami with your son - the concern for the health of children;
  • saving people from tsunami - promises achieving the goal;
  • experiencing strong fear - is a sign of self-doubt;
  • drowning in tsunami - warns of the loss of an expensive thing;
  • hiding from tsunami in a cave - symbolizes loneliness;
  • calling rescuers - the need to help a friend.
Sergii Haranenko

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