Jumping Out Of The Window Dream Meaning

If you happened to jump out of the window in a dream, this plot means that you will either make a stupid act or find an unusual solution to the situation.

If running away from someone in a dream you decided to jump out of the window, then you will get into a bad story in reality, which will literally leave no exit, Miller states.

A dream jump out of a room through the window is a sign of an unforeseen event that will lead to an extremely disadvantageous situation and will push you on dangerous actions.

Seeing yourself pop-up through the window means that you have to abandon the unprofitable project.

If you managed to get out of some building in this unusual way, the dreambooks are sure you will find strength to start all over.

A night dream about jumping out of the window also means that you absolutely do not care about other people’s opinion; but it is worth listening to the advice of people close to you. The same plot reflects the desire to get rid of someone else's influence, excessive control.

If you had to break the window in order to get free, the dreambooks state: you made an attempt to pass through the line between the worlds in the dream. In real life this is reflected in the need to change something immediately.

If you had to jump through the window in your dream, this plot is considered a symbolic reflection of getting out of trouble or dead end. The same plot marks the fulfillment of a secret desire, the uneasy achievement of a goal.

The dreambooks also give negative interpretation of the plot. A jump from the window signifies failure in a stupid undertaking, a quarrel up to a fight, a discovery of some secret, unreasonable interference in the affairs of others and even complete ruin.

The dream about jumping out of the window gives a direct hint about problems in personal life. A dreamed about jumping down from a window sill is a sign that you will commit an act that your loved one condemns.

Seeing a room without doors where the window was the only was out is a sign meaning that you have lost time and will not be able to change some situation.

An attempt to jump through the window also warns: you will decide on take some illegal actions, pursuing a seemingly harmless goal.

If the landing was successful, then you will be lucky in the most unusual endeavors. If you dreamed of landing on the ground, but twisting your foot or hitting it, the dream Interpretation recommends cancelling your plans.

Seeing others jump means that the adverse effects of an adventurous idea will affect other people.

    The dreambooks advise recollecting what happened after you decided to jump:
  • Flew up - an extraordinary thing.
  • Fell down - failure, exposing intentions, secrets.
  • Crashed to death - a serious sacrifice for the purpose.
  • Survived - conscious risk for the sake of victory.
  • You got up and kept going - you will be lucky in minor things.

Jumping out of the window with aparachute is a symbol meaning that you took the necessary precautions in real life and everything will go smoothly. But if you woke up at the moment of the jump, the dream book warns: excessive haste will lead to trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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