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Water From The Tap Dream Meaning

Dreams about water are one of the most common images for people all around the world. We can see this substance as ice, precipitation, reservoirs and basins. In all cases water predicts some changes.

    Water plumbing is definitely a very convenient invention but what does this kind of water mean if seen in a dream? We can find a better explanation of our night plot if we recollect the dream details:
  • dripping water – is a sign of small but frequent expenditures;
  • if water stream flowing from the shower becomes harder – you have to learn save money;
  • rupture of hot water pipe – the reamer will have strong emotions and impressions;
  • closing the ice-cold water valve – you will make up peace with someone you had a quarrel with;
  • seeing a rusty tap with boiling water splashing all around – you can not control your emotions;
  • if you opened the tap and was blood running from it – one of your relatives will need help.

According to Miller, water running from the tap is the symbol of purifying. For example, if you see a lot of crystal clear water in the sink, you can be sure that your friends’ thoughts are absolutely clear. If you were chilling yourself with cold water and didn’t feel any discomfort, it means you will get rid of mental torment; if you felt cold someone will open you his secret.

If you were trying to fill in the bathtub and the water that was running from the tap was dirty, the Eastern dreambook considers that relations in your family are not smooth. If dirty water was blackish, the dream shows that the problems in family are caused by your secrecy. Filling in red fluid in a dream is an indication that you are usually overreacting when someone criticizes you. If dirty back water suddenly became clear, this is a promise of compromise.

Washing your face with clear clean water means you will be able to clear your reputation. Washing with hot water symbolizes your telling someone “hot” news.

Drinking fresh transparent water promises joyful meetings and pleasant acquaintances. The dream can also reflect your wish to have something new in your life. If you were drinking rusty water, the dream is warning that someone will slander you.

If you wanted to start washing clothes in a dream, but found out that the water tap was broken, be careful with your expenditures, you can waste a lot of money in vain.

Sergii Haranenko

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