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White Wolf Dream Meaning

What does a white wolf symbolize in dreams? Dreaming about white wolf is a symbol of courage, independence and open fight with ill-wishers. A white wolf showing aggression in a dream promises climbing the career ladder or acquaintance with an authoritative and wealthy person.

    What did the white wolf look like in your dream?
  • white wolf running - the desire to hide from solving unpleasant problems;
  • big white wolf - promises warm relations in the family;
  • white wolf in blood - predicts the illness of a relative;
  • white wolf with blue eyes - symbolizes a love adventure;
  • a kind white wolf - means reconciliation with ill-wishers;
  • evil white wolf - gossip from secret envious people;
  • white wolf with white teeth - promises recovery or better health;
  • white wolf attacking someone - means solving a new unusual task at work;
  • white werewolf - means moving to another city soon;
  • huge white wolf - predicts the birth of a child;
  • a fluffy white wolf - predicts a short flirtation;
  • wounded white wolf - financial instability;
  • white wolf with red eyes - danger of getting into an accident;
  • a killed white wolf - sign of career growth;
  • black and white wolf - is a sign of chores.

If you dreamed about two white wolves, this is a sign of having a good time; seeing three white wolves is a warning against alcohol abuse. A pack of white wolves in a dream predicts a meeting with friends.

When a pregnant woman sees a white wolf in her dream, this may be a sign of problems at childbirth; a woman dreaming of a white wolf is warned against acquaintance with a dangerous person. For a man this is a sign of a possible cheating of his beloved.

    Where did you encounter the white wolf in your dream?
  • white wolf in your house – be ready for the unexpected visit of friends;
  • white wolf in the forest – warns of an injury;
  • white wolf at the cemetery – indicates the need to commemorate deceased loved ones;
  • holding a white wolf in your hands – means the lack of affection in communication with a partner;
  • white wolf on a chain – predicts the acquisition of real estate;
  • white wolf on white snow – promises support of friends in a difficult situation.

    What are the Top-5 adverse white wolves dream meanings?
  • Hunting a white wolf in a dream means a quarrel with close friends through the fault of the dreamer.
  • Throwing a white wolf into the river means a serious illness, the treatment of which will require a lot of money.
  • A white wolf in a cage speaks of the appearance of a secret ill-wisher.
  • A white wolf that talks – warns of some unpleasant news of a close friend.
  • White wolf attacking a person – means the risk of becoming a victim of violence.

    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams about white wolf:
  • Taming a beautiful white wolf in a dream – is a sign of good luck or wealth.
  • Hugging a white wolf means a break in relationships that have ceased to bring joy.
  • A white wolf that feeds you – means receiving important advice from an experienced person.
  • If you attack a white wolf yourself, this means good news from a distant relative.
  • Running next to the wolf – promises the appearance of a true friend.

Sergii Haranenko

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