Zero Gravity Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you feel weightlessness in a dream? Most often, the dream book deciphers weightlessness as the ease of being of the dreamer or getting rid of life's hardships and problems. But sometimes it also happens that, deciphering what zero g state means in dreams, oracles advise to take life more seriously. Otherwise, you run the risk of being branded as a frivolous person who cannot be relied on.

Miller's dream book about zero gravity

The dream book of Gustav Miller, explaining what weightlessness is about, claims that this is a prediction of a change in priorities and values.

There comes a period in your life when you will be drawn to the search for new landmarks and goals if you dreamed about zero g. You will want to create and act, even in those areas that previously didn’t interest you or were not clear to you. Do not hinder these impulses; there is a possibility that you will find new meaning in life.

Why do different people dream of weightlessness?

Weightlessness in a dream can promise completely different events, depending on who exactly dreamed of it: a man, a woman or an elder person.

If a man or a guy experienced the feeling of weightlessness in a dream, this means that very soon significant changes will occur in his life.

Perhaps you will be able to get rid of some long-standing problems that you have not been able to solve for a long time. Or you will find new ways of self-realization. In any case, the changes will delight you; it will become easier for you to live.

A young woman who wants to find out what the plot is about, in which she experienced a sensation of weightlessness in a dream, while on an orbital station or in a rocket exploring the vastness of space, should recall her emotions.

If she was scared, this is a sign that in reality she will face a choice that will be difficult for her. But to rejoice and experience euphoria in night vision is a symbol of the rapid growth of self-confidence and self-importance.

For an elderly person, no matter what gender, the feeling of zero gravity in night dreams is a sign of health improving and getting rid of old grievances.

If an elderly dreamer suddenly felt weightless lightness in his body, it is likely that he will revive his former hobby or passion. If this person was fond of dancing, music or painting at the amateur level, then there is a chance that he will do it professionally.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus about "ethereality"

According to this oracle, the dreamed weightlessness prophesies an acquaintance with a frivolous, but very temperamental person, both male and female.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus recommends: you should not perceive this person as a fool or "gouging", behind the ostentatious frivolity and simplicity deep and subtle nature is hidden.

Where did weightlessness find you?

Did you have a dream that you suddenly soared into the air, taking off from the ground? Dream Interpretations, explaining what this means, advise clarifying exactly where this happened.

    Where did you feel weightlessness?
  • feeling zero gravity at your place - means unexpected joy;
  • feeling zero g at work - you will be entrusted with an interesting and profitable business;
  • in public transport - you will get an invitation to go somewhere;
  • zero gravity in a cafe or restaurant - you will be "attacked" by playfulness and childishness;
  • feeling weightlessness in the middle of the street - you will find yourself in a difficult situation;
  • zero g at the cemetery - you will be able to let go of the pain of parting with someone.
Sergii Haranenko
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