Amputation Dream Meaning

What is the amputation dream meaning and symbolism? Amputation usually predicts some negative life changes. Besides that such a plot may predict a home accident or a work injury.

Seeing in a dream how legs are amputated and at the same time a lot of blood is shed, is a sign of illness.

According to the Modern dreambook, amputation of any part of the body in a dream means a small loss at work. The complete loss of arms and legs in a dream indicates a decline in commercial affairs. For sailors, such a dream portends a storm, loss of property. For people experiencing great misfortune, this dream is a warning sign.

According to the Dream interpreter dictionary, seeing amputation of legs in a dream – may speak of death; hands amputation – predicts the loss of a person without whom you cannot do. Seeing amputated arms or legs lying separately – symbolizes a break with your spouse; dream about amputated fingers – symbolizes theft.

What does a dream about cutting off a part of your body mean? Dreams often paint us pictures in which we damage some body parts. People dream of various forms of damage. This often speaks of a person's physical weakness or a self-destructive psychological beginning. Try to determine what caused the amputation, how it is carried out, and also analyze the state of alarm caused by this process.

Amputation in a dream may have a religious, moral or ethical background. For the followers of some religious sects, their own body is the worst enemy of the professed social or religious principles and values. Christians, for example, firmly believe in the Holy Scripture, which says that it is better to pluck out the eye that tempts you than to keep it and commit a sin and go to hell. Adherents of various beliefs follow similar stereotypes at the subconscious level.

What does it mean if you dreamed about cutting off someone else's body part? To understand why you cut off body parts from another person in your dream, it is important to analyze the relationship between this person and you. If you cut off something from a loved one, it indicates an area in which you feel hurt.

Injury to a work colleague may be caused by a simple desire to get even with him or to benefit from it. If a severed organ regenerates in a dream, it seems that this colleague or rival is lucky: he is not subject to your influence.

If you injure a stranger, this is a manifestation of a sense of embarrassment during forced everyday communication with different people.

According to the Dreambook of the 20-th century, a dream about the loss of any organ or part of the body most often has nothing to do with health: first of all, it is a symbol of loss, not necessarily significant, but unpleasant.

Losing a hand in a dream means powerlessness and decline in business.

Amputation of the leg: the instability of your position in society and the difficulty in advancing your plans.

Loss of the thumb or index finger: a sign of a decline in will. Most likely, you lack the determination to carry out any plans.

Loss of other fingers: a sign that in some cases you risk being left without the support of friends and associates.

According to the American dreambook, amputation can symbolize giving up a certain part of yourself, depending on which part is being amputated in your dream.

Dreaming about leg amputation may mean that you will not be able to insist on your own. Or perhaps you will lose the ability to move freely through life.

Amputated arm in your dream may indicate that you will not be able to maintain control over the situation.

According to Esoteric dream book, seeing a dream about amputation – means you have a lot of extra connections, it's time to get rid of them. Carrying out amputation in a dream – is a sign that it will be difficult for you to get rid of unnecessary acquaintances and attachments, you will have to "cut to the quick."

Parts of the body fall off by themselves - if it happened without blood, this means some connections will fall off by themselves; if there was blood, this is a sign that you are emotionally unprepared for parting, which you will have to endure soon.

Sergii Haranenko
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