Dismembered Body Dream Meaning

What does seeing someone dismembered mean in dreams? Dreams about people's dismembering often predict emotional stress that can lead to psychotic disease or depression. Besides that, chopped up body parts seen in a dream may warn you against thoughtless acts and fast marriage that can end in divorce.

Interpreting what the dismembered body means in night plots, the dream book reminds that creepy images in a dream often serve as a good omen.

If you dreamed of a stranger’s dismembered body, Miller’s dreambook warns you can pay a lot for unwise behavior. The girl runs the risk of being deceived by a dishonest man. As for a guy, due to circumstances he will have to limit himself in spending on entertainment.

The tortured corpse of a person close to you or friend requires more careful consideration. If you happened to see a colleague, a vacuum could form in your personal life. A severed head means the tricks of enemies behind your back.

The dismembered body of one of the spouses means that the dreamer is not behaving well with the other half. Seeing a chopped-up relative happens on the eve of an illness or a major quarrel in a family.

Even if you dreamed of an abstract ripped body, dream books advise to recall special signs, at least in general terms, and explain what each of them means. The dead man promises unrequited love. If a woman was involved in a dream, sincere feelings would be mutual. Dream interpretation notes that when you happen to see a child’s corpse, old good friends will unexpectedly remind you of themselves in reality.

The victim of crime, dressed in black, foreshadows difficulties in business sphere. If it you could not recall a single feature, the unreasonable melancholy will cover you.

Seeing dismembered parts of the body in a dream is a sign of adventure. Chopping up someone in a dream predicts failures in various areas of life, deception of trust and even betrayal.

    Interpretations of what the dismembered body of a person you know well mean will help know how people see you:
  • If your father was seen killed in a dream - this means you are often being selfish;
  • Your mother as a victim in a dream represents your inertness and passivity;
  • Death of brother or sister by dismemberment proves the dreamer’s rightness;
  • A distant relative seen dismembered – the dreamer is a very charming person;
  • A tormented spouse can be seen short before a second honeymoon;
  • A killed and chopped up friend can be seen in a dream by those whom many people envy;
  • Creepy boss’s death can be seen by rebellions and those who do not like to commit their obligations;
  • If you saw a dream about chopped-up enemy, this means you have a reputation of a winner.

If it was your relative who left a dismembered body after him, this plot indicates problems with self-esteem. Seeing a loved one in the role of the Ripper happens short before a minor illness. When it was your friend, you will get an invitation to a joint project. Participation in it will absorb you and become a powerful source of adrenaline.

Dream interpretation ambiguously explains what the killer in the mask foreshadows. Facelessness personifies the resourcefulness and delusions of the dreamer.

If the unfortunate person was torn to pieces with bare hands, the Wanderer’s dream book promises a journey that will enrich the spiritual world of the dreamer.

A dream about chopped-up body in a package is a sign that in reality a dreamer may be tormented by conscience for a bad deed.

Seeing a body chopped up with a knife is a sign of showdown. Someone dismembered with an ax - means success in all endeavors.

A dream about dismembered body and blood may symbolize difficulties in the business sphere; pieces of the human body - warn of a high probability of accidents and domestic injuries; a dream about severed head and guts - means possible health problems.

    Brief dream meanings depending on who was dismembered in your dream:
  • a loved one dismembered - a change of residence;
  • a young girl dismembered - a long happy romance;
  • another person got chopped up - troubles in relation with loved ones;
  • a living person got dismembered - actions and events from the past do not allow the dreamer to live in peace;
  • dismembered woman's body - financial loss, theft or robbery;
  • baby chopped up - promotion or wealth;
  • dismembered husband's body - parting with a loved one as a result of a quarrel or departure;
  • a man's body chopped up - unrequited love;
  • dismembered child - happy news from relatives or friends;
  • seeing yourself dismembered in a dream - the long-awaited changes.
    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about dismembered body?
  • Dismembering the body of your best friend in a dream - means slander from the neighbors.
  • If you dreamed of the ripped corpse of your father, this means betrayal.
  • Seeing a lot of dismembered bodies of strangers - means apathy and melancholy.
  • Shooting a man with a pistol and dismembering him - a conflict with the boss.
  • Attacking a friend and dismembering him predicts an unpleasant conversation with him.
    What are the Top-5 positive chopped up body dream meanings?
  • Dismembering the body of a distant relative in a dream - the admiration of others.
  • If you dreamed of murder and dismemberment in someone else's house - means the visit of long-awaited guests.
  • In a dream, such actions took place at work - a fun party.
  • Dismembered body in the morgue - attending an interesting event.
  • Seeing dismembered body in the water - the long-awaited rest.
Sergii Haranenko
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