Severed Finger Dream Meaning

What does a severed finger symbolize in a dream? A finger cut off in a dream is a sign of material volatility and health problems. Besides that such a dream may be a prophecy of a relative’s death.

How many severed fingers did you see in your dream? One finger cut off may be a sign of losing someone close to you. Seeing two severed fingers in a dream predicts a conflict with colleagues. A dream about three fingers severed is a sign of financial loss.

    Which finger was cut off in your dream?
  • a ring finger with a ring - means divorce due to treason;
  • severed thumb - means problems due to impatience;
  • little finger cut off - means a strong quarrel with a friend;
  • medium finger severed - sign of self-doubt;
  • index finger was severed - predicts the loss of reputation.
    Who was holding a severed finger in a dream?
  • a loved one holding the finger - means deterioration in relations with him;
  • daughter holding a severed finger - an unwanted pregnancy;
  • friend holding a cut off finger - betrayal because of money;
  • mother has someone’s finger - predicts a quarrel with parents;
  • husband holding a cut off finger - means betrayal or disappointment in the spouse;
  • a dead man holding a severed finger - sign of a serious illness;
  • sister has a cut off finger - the illness of a relative;
  • son holding a severed finger - problems in relationships with the child.

If the finger was severed without blood, this means absence of worries because of troubles.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on the plot details:
  • cutting off your own finger - may mean opening your own business;
  • biting it off - means keeping a terrible secret;
  • tearing a finger off in a dream - symbolizes a sudden relocation;
  • cutting off your middle finger - an unhappy relationship;
  • chopping off a finger - means changing professional activities;
  • losing a finger - means the loss of money due to scammers;
  • sewing back the cut off finger - predicts the successful resolution of existing problems;
  • if the finger was severed with scissors - this is a sign of debts;
  • cutting off a finger with a knife - means the emergence of a new elusive goal;
  • severing a finger with an ax - means getting rid of illusions.
    What are the Top-5 adverse dream meanings of severed fingers?
  • Cutting off the index finger with scissors in a dream - means the loss of reputation.
  • Biting off the little finger - means conflicts with the current partner.
  • Cut off the thumb with a knife - the sudden death of one of the relatives.
  • Severed ring finger - the appearance of the enemy in your close surrounding.
  • If you dreamed that a dog bit off your finger, this means risk of becoming a victim of violence.
    Here is the list of Top-5 auspicious dreams about fingers cut off:
  • A father who holds a severed little finger in his hands - predicts receiving a large inheritance.
  • Sewing back the ring finger - symbolizes a passionate romance with an attractive and successful person.
  • Taking a scalpel and amputating all the fingers on your hand - promises an invitation to a well-paid job.
  • Breaking the pinky and cutting it off - means restoring one’s reputation.
  • Throwing away a bitten finger is a sign of profitable investment of personal funds.
Sergii Haranenko
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