Pigeon Dream Meaning

Explaining the meaning of a dove seen in a dream, the dream book indicates that it can carry both an excellent and not very favorable message. This symbol in a dream promises news, acquaintances, harmonious relationships, and the end of a difficult period. But sometimes it warns of failure, loss or separation.

Did a pigeon fly into your home in a dream? Enigma's dream interpretation is encouraging: you will hear from a friend from afar soon. Did it sit on the windowsill? You will successfully resolve a difficult question or complete a long-started business soon.

Seeing a pigeon in dream is an auspicious sign, according to Miller. It promises harmonious relationships in the family and healthy children. The significance of such a dream is also favorable for a young girl. According to dream interpreter Miller, this is a promise of a speedy successful marriage to the chosen one.

According to Vanga, buying a dove in a dream indicates that the dreamer can quickly find an approach to any person in his environment. If pigeons flew over your head, a new life period will come.

Why does one dream of catching a lot of doves? Interpretation of the Islamic dream book: you will get timely financial assistance from a person who has weight in society.

For a single man to see a pigeon at home is a portent of an imminent marriage. The Islamic dreambook indicates: the darling partner of the sleeper will be beautiful, welcoming and loving.

    The dreambooks take into account what kind of pigeon you saw in a dream:
  • Small pigeon – tender attachment to your beloved;
  • White dove – predicts a wedding or pregnancy;
  • Gray dove – you need a vacation, otherwise you may have health problems;
  • Black dove – depression, despair;
  • Pink dove – a coming date;
  • Multi-colored pigeon – new romantic acquaintance;
  • Carrier pigeon – you will find out good news;
  • Paper pigeon – false promises.

Did you dream of a golden dove? The dream book warns: you will get the news or find out some information. However, the unnatural color of the bird warns that the information will be greatly embellished.

To dream about how beautiful doves circle in the sky means: it is a symbol of good hope that will support the sleeping person in difficult trials.

What is the meaning of a red pigeon in a dream? It is the harbinger of great love. However, emotions will turn out to be very strong and stormy: romantic feelings will alternate with scandals.

A tame dove, according to the dream book, indicates: the sleeping person has harmony and mutual understanding in relations with others. He knows when and what to say, and when to remain silent, so he is valued as an excellent conversationalist.

The domestic one, which flew in and circled over the dovecote in a dream, promises receiving important news, a solution to a difficult issue.

Does the pigeon freeze and die? Do not hope that the difficult business will end successfully. Get ready for the worst outcome; consider how you will correct the consequences.

Why does one dream that a pigeon was dead? You made a mistake while trying to fulfill your plans, and now you will fail. Their projects must be carefully thought out, taking into account all the nuances.

Was there a dead dove in the dream? The dream interpretation states: the plot symbolizes parting with a loved one; it also portends loneliness.

Did the cat attack the bird and bite it with its teeth in a dream? Insidious intrigues weave behind the dreamer; he will not be able to stop them.

Did a cat bite a dove by its leg or wing? The dreamer will have an ill-wisher who will try to do harm. It is necessary to enlist the support of friends and colleagues - then the spiteful person will not be able to harm you.

Did the cat catch the pigeon and bite his prey? The dream book warns: you will not be able to defend against enemies. Foes will seriously damage your reputation or cause big trouble. Be patient to correct the consequences.

    The dreambooks take into account your actions with doves in a dream:
  • Catching a dove – there will be a loss;
  • Letting the pigeon go – separation with a beloved man;
  • Killing a pigeon – you will lose a friend;
  • Eating a pigeon – disappointment, boredom.

Holding a dove in your hands in a dream – you will meet an interesting person or achieve great creative success. Releasing it – you will miss a good opportunity.

Releasing a pigeon from a cage means a breakdown in relationships with a partner that will benefit everyone.

Did you feed pigeons in a dream? The dream interpretation explains: this is a good sign. The difficult period will end soon, a favorable stage will come. Problems will be resolved successfully.

Did you feed a pigeon chick or a sick pigeon? You will get a decent reward for your efforts. Perhaps the management will appreciate your work and increase your salary or promote you.

If the pigeon was trapped, and you saved it in a night dream, there will be an opportunity to return old feelings – you will meet with your former partner and realize that you would like to start all over again.

What is the meaning of a dream of saving a bird from a cat, but you still have a feather in your hands? The dream book promises: there will be some kind of loss soon or something that could not be achieved.

The meaning of the plot about flying white doves in a dream is very good. You have a great reputation, so do not be afraid of slander - no one will believe it.

Did it peck you? That means curiosity can hurt you, the dream book says. Do not seek to know what does not concern you.

Did the pigeons crap on the dreamer’s car? This is a great sign. Good luck will accompany a person on a long journey. He will reach his destination without incident.

What is the meaning of bird droppings? It portends success in business. Also, the sleeper will receive what he had long dreamed of. In addition, the plot promises a rapid increase in wealth.

    The actions of the pigeons should be also considered:
  • Pigeons attacked – you have enemies who want to harm you;
  • Crapped on your head – your wellbeing will improve;
  • Doves crapped on your coat – someone wants to set you up;
  • Pigeons were fighting – resentment, grudges;
  • They were pecking feed – the new endeavor that you start will be a success.

Here you can find interesting signs and omens about pigeon hitting the window.

Sergii Haranenko
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