Basement Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about the basement, “rummage” in your soul, resentment or fear might be hiding somewhere in its corners. According to the dream books, the dungeon seen in a dream just characterizes the dreamer's internal state, his attitude to the world as a whole and the environment around him. To find out what the cellar means in a dream, remember how it looked.

Be careful, because your authority is in danger, Miller’s dream book calls for someone who dreamed that he was in the basement. And if you see yourself in the subway, then the interpretation of a dream warns that someone will try to draw you into a dangerous and, most likely, dishonest adventure.

    If you dreamed that were going down into the basement of your own building, the dreambooks recommend remembering what you needed there:
  • You put or took out supplies – acquaintance with a generous person;
  • Were working there, for example, whitened the walls or dug a pit – hard wok;
  • You were trying to save yourself from fire in the cellar – you will find the way out of the situation;
  • Were wandering in the basement falling behind the excursion – unexpected adventures;
  • Were restoring the basement after the landslide – you will have to unravel other people’s secrets.

Why does one dream of a cellar filled with bottles of wine, is explained in the dream book of Pastor Loff. Remember how the bottles were located, the interpreter recommends. If you see in a dream that all the bottles are arranged randomly in the cellar, this means that you do not want anyone to know your secrets. But, the bottles arranged in order mean the confidence that you hide from others for now.

Hiding in an underground bunker from natural disaster in a dream is a sign that you are afraid of the condemnation of others, the English dream book suggests. And if you were hiding in a dream from military operations conducted on the surface, then this suggests that you will be able to “evade” the conflict that is playing out in your team.

Modern Dream Interpretation will help understanding the dream of sitting in the basement during training events: you are afraid to lose a loved one, so you’re not behaving appropriately.

Being in a clean, dry basement with vegetables along with other people in a dream is a sign that you will receive good income soon. But this applies only to those dreams in which you saw an appetizing-looking products. And here, the cellar with rotten potatoes, carrots and etc. promises expenses and monetary losses, the Moon Dreambook predicts.

To leave the cellar with full hands is a signal about getting a new source of income; perhaps you will either change your job or find an additional one. And if you dreamed that you were running away from the basement because it was flooded with water, such dream means you should pay attention to the fact that one of the colleagues wants to “drown” you.

What is the interpretation of a dream of the dark, dank dungeon of a medieval castle, the Eastern Dream Book is trying to explain. If you dreamed that you were going down the dilapidated staircase leading to the dungeon, then pay attention to whether there were torches nearby. Going down the illuminated stairs is a sign that you will understand the motives that will make friends resent you. But if you went down in the dark in a dream, then you will be puzzled by the change in their relationship to yourself.

The dream in which you happened to fall into the mine of the old underground utilities, predicts a moral decline, Longo's dream book predicts.

And if you lost your way and cannot find the door leading from the basement, it means that you are tormented by conscience. Did you find the door thanks to the man who volunteered to save you? A man you are familiar with will support you.

Running chased by rats is a sign that your enemies are activated. Well, if you managed to fight off rats - you will be able to defend yourself in reality. But, if you weren’t scared of the basement with rats at all, then you can take on any work - you can handle it.

Sergii Haranenko
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