Being Pregnant For A Virgin Dream Meaning

Virgin pregnant general dream meaning

What does a dream about her own pregnancy mean for a virgin girl? If a virgin dreams she got pregnant, this plot may predict a trip to another country or getting a long-awaited present from relatives. Besides that such a dream predicts financial improvements and achieving the goals.

Some dreambooks interpret this plot depending on the dreamer’s age. If the virgin girl is 15, this plot predicts quarrels in the family; if a 16-years old girl dreams she is pregnant, this is a sign of great surprise.

For a virgin seeing your pregnancy and childbirth promises recovery; being pregnant with a baby-girl means a pleasant surprise.

A virgin pregnancy can speak in a dream of committing a rash act and problems due to excessive gullibility.

Dream of unwanted pregnancy (for a virgin) may symbolize the beginning of the period of bad luck.

For a young virgin, a dream about pregnancy can promise an unsuccessful love relationship.

If a girl dreamed of an interrupted pregnancy, being a virgin in waking life, this means the dreamer will be deceived by her best friend.

A dream in which a virgin became pregnant and rejoiced at this portends quarrels with family members.

Virgin giving birth to a daughter in a dream – this plot means troubles and disappointments.

If you are a virgin and heard your parents talking about your unplanned pregnancy, this is a sign of a bad mood.

Virgin coming to the hospital with a small belly and having an abortion is a dream speaking of impossibility to keep a promise.

Unwanted pregnancy and childbirth with bleeding can be a sign of sadness.

According to Miller, a virgin may have dreams of pregnancy before she receives an interesting offer from an elderly person.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about being pregnant for a virgin girl?

  • For a virgin, late terms pregnancy in dreams speaks of a serious illness or an accident during a walk.
  • Pregnancy on the early terms – means an unwanted move with parents and the end of communication with former friends.
  • Virgin pregnant from her ex-boyfriend means problems in her personal life.
  • Feeling movements in the womb – means the loss of a valuable thing or money.
  • Virgin seeing herself pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child – is a sign of excessive spending.

Here are the Top-5 positive pregnancy dream meanings for virgins

  • Being pregnant with twins (for virgin) means fulfilling your plan.
  • Virgin pregnant with a boy – means winning the competition and / or receiving a cash prize.
  • If you dreamed that you became pregnant and went to the hospital, this is a sign of success in school or sports.
  • Virgin girl pregnant and she had an abortion – predicts a new creative idea.
  • A virgin pregnant and she decided to leave the child – sign of a romantic acquaintance.
Sergii Haranenko
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