Black Water Dream Meaning

What is the biblical meaning of black water in a dream? Dreaming of black water warns of negative life changes. Besides that, such a dream may symbolize betrayal of someone close to you.

    Where did you see the black water in your dream?
  • black water in the bath - an unhappy family life;
  • black water in the river - the need to keep someone's secret;
  • black water on the street - danger on the road.

Seeing dark water flowing from a tap - problems with the law.

Bathing in black water in a dream predicts disease.

    What negative meanings do dreams about black water have?
  • A full bucket of black water warns of the illness of a close relative.
  • Pouring black water into a clean glass - means frequent quarrels in the family.
  • Washing dishes in black water - means fatigue from household chores.
  • If you dreamed that you were doused with black water, this is a sign of gossip from colleagues.
  • Black water spilled on the bathroom floor means someone is stealing in the dreamer's house.
    Can dreams about black water bring something good?
  • Seeing your reflection in black water is a dream promising an exciting journey.
  • Wading a dark river - means reconciliation after a family quarrel.
  • Drinking cloudy water from a glass may mean a quick solution to a complex problem.
  • Seeing how someone plunges into black water - means getting rid of ill-wishers.
  • If you dreamed that streams of dark water were flowing from the ceiling, this may be a sign of good news.

According to Miller, such a dream is a symbol of sadness and longing.

    Additional dream meanings by Miller:
  • falling into black water means participating in a dubious business;
  • swimming in it - unfair accusations at work;
  • drowning in black water - a protracted illness.
  • if you dreamed that you washed yourself with black water, this means dissatisfaction with your surroundings;
  • drinking black water - warns of food poisoning.
  • if a girl dreams of black water, this may mean an unwanted pregnancy;
  • a married woman sees very dirty water - the betrayal of her husband;
  • elderly woman has a dream about black water - unpleasant chores.

According to Vanga, seeing black water in a dream promises big trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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