Rising Water Dream Meaning

If you had a chance to see a dream about arriving water which slowly seeps into your house from under the entrance door, it means that in the near future you should not rush things. The best thing you can do now is stay calm and wait. In other words, the time has come for useful inaction.

And if water rushes in a dream through a window or a ventilation shaft, then this indicates excessive haste and incontinence of the dreamer. One should understand that the more impatient you are, the more difficult the realization of your plans will be for you, says the Eastern Dream Book.

If you dreamed of clean warm water that fills the room in which the lady-dreamer is located, then this is a hint that soon the sleeper will have the opportunity to fulfill her long-lasting dream. The main thing is not to miss the moment.

But if the water surging towards the dreamer was muddy or dirty, something bad approaches, the dreambooks state. Be attentive to everything, even to trifle.

A picture in which the water is coming rapidly is a very bad sign. If flood was seen in a dream, try to remember its reason. Man-made disaster (a dam explosion, for example) promises major trouble at work. Do not sign any contracts and do not make oral agreements - you will regret your deed.

But a natural cataclysm - a tsunami, a storm flood - says that you should put your feelings and emotions in order, otherwise you risk making enemies or quarreling with people close to you.

If you saw a dream about standing on the deck of a ship in the gateway, and look at how the boiling water raises your ship up, such dreams predict new useful acquaintances. It is likely that a meeting with an interesting person will happen during the trip, so do not refuse from travels and offers of friendship, the dreambooks advise.

Watching the water filling huge empty spaces, means finding long-awaited peace and harmony, according to Miller’s dream book.

According to the Veles's dreambook, high water in a dream means you may get poor very quickly.

It’s good if you were swimming in a dream through a crystal-clear reservoir that filled an empty city with its waters, and saw how fish and other aquatic inhabitants set up their homes in old houses. Such a dream predicts unexpected joys and pleasant surprises.

You can interpret ambiguously the story in which the water that is rising knocks you down or takes your personal belongings with it. Some interpreters regard such dreams as a symbol of danger, others predict success.

A vision in which a powerful stream of water “washes” old things out of the dwelling, has the following interpretation by the Wanderer’s dream book: it’s time to throw out all the garbage and trash from your life. Notice, it concerns not only things, but also relations.

    The Gypsy dreambook recommends paying attention to the rising water condition:
  • Hot water – emotions can reveal your real intentions;
  • Cold water – you should revise your life views;
  • Carbonated water – you will have fun;
  • Clean but thick water – you will be moving to your goal very slowly;
  • Water with garbage – you should not trust everyone;
  • Water with material values – you will get wealthy.
Sergii Haranenko
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