Blanket Dream Meaning

A warm and soft symbol of comfort, home warmth and peace in night dreams - all this is about a blanket. In some cases, a dream about warm blanket is a symbol of well-being and peace.

A plaid (blanket) that appeared in a dream, this is most likely a pointer to the favor on the part of Lady Luck, the fulfillment of cherished plans and dreams. And here it is important to note that if you bought a blanket in a dream, everything in your family will be successful.

If you happened to buy a plaid in a store, in reality you will soon receive a huge amount of money or support from a respected and reputable sponsor. But if you buy it on the market, such profit will be obtained by you illegally through fraud.

If in your dream you are warming yourself by a burning fireplace, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, this means you can surpass your friends and acquaintances on the way to financial prosperity and well-being in life. This is a symbol that you will soon occupy a high position in society.

Sleeping wrapped in a plaid in a dream is a sign that your fantasies do not correspond to reality, they will fail, and this will undermine your strength and self-confidence. But if you sleep under a light blanket and tremble, this dream means cooling of feelings in your personal life with a partner.

If you cover your legs with a blanket, this dream promises you trouble. And these troubles will not be with you, but with your children.

Seeing an old or torn blanket in a dream - this vision indicates unreliable and shaky relationship with business partners. And if it is dirty - this is a pointer to the fact that the negligence you have committed in your work will cost you a lot; you can get a reprimand or get fired.

If you make the bed with a blanket or plaid in night vision, this means signing a profitable deal and agreement, solving old problems and controversial issues that you could not solve for a long time.

Receiving a blanket as a gift in a dream is a sign that you are under the patronage or an influential person. If you gave someone a plaid in a dream, most probably you will become a protector for someone.

A dream about green blanket is a symbol of recovery of an ill person, as well as signing a profitable agreement.

If the blanket was golden in color - this is a reflection of the intentions of the dreamer himself, who intends to live in harmony, both with his inner world, and mutual understanding with his environment.

A dream about white plaid indicates that a difficult period will end up soon and there will be a strip of successful events.

A purple cover on the sofa is a pointer to unexpected profits and prosperity that will come to you very unexpectedly and from where you did not expect.

A dream about a pink blanket is a symbol of the dreamer’s carelessness that doesn’t let him evaluate his opportunities correctly.

If the blanket was red in your dream, this means passion and feelings will overwhelm you, but you should not give yourself completely to them, they can often be fake.

Sergii Haranenko
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