Burning Hair Dream Meaning

According to dreambooks interpretation, seeing burning hair predicts profit and success. Since long hair symbolize a coming journey, when you see them burning, it means that the trip will be postponed or cancelled for some reason.

Seeing your own hair burning on your head is a sign of high emotional tension. It is a symbol of restrained emotions that the dreamer is trying to control. Maybe if you find out a reason of your annoyance and defining the problem, you will be able to gain progress.

If people who like communication saw a dream about burning hair, they can be caught in a dishonest act or discussing their beloved ones. As a result you can lose your reputation and respect of others.

For men involved in business, such dream is considered a recommendation on rely only on themselves, not shifting responsibility on business partners or members of family.

If your see your acquaintance with burning hair in a dream, this is a sign of unexpected conflict or clash of characters. If it was your colleague, you can wait for the irreconcilable mood of your opponent at work.

If a woman sees her husband with burning hair, this is a sign of conflicts and quarrels because of her partner’s hot temper.

If a man sees his woman with burning hair, this plot is a reflection of his dissatisfaction with his beloved and their relations. Perhaps you are not paying enough attention to communication with your partner and this can lead to cheating.

If you see body hair burning, this is a symbol of unreasonable acts, passionate impulses, hasty conclusions, the Wanderer’s dreambook states. For example, flaming hands hair indicates an unreasonable distribution of income, which will lead to a dramatic loss of profits.

If a man sees the hair on his back burning, this means he will soon get acquainted with a wonderful woman who can become his life partner.

Legs’ hair on fire is a symbol of business relations with authoritative person. The same plot is a sign of relations with a powerful person who will suppress her will for a woman.

Seeing your eyelashes on fire means you can remain in ignorance, because of its extravagant and intolerant nature. Watching nose hair burn is a symbol of fulfilling your most unusual and creative ideas.

Folk omens and superstitions about hair. What is not allowed to do with your hair?

Sergii Haranenko
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