Golden Dress Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a golden dress in a dream? A beautiful gold gown, the dreambook considers it a symbol of luck, of unexpected joy. To see it in a dream means to achieve your goal in any way.

    According to Miller, shiny clothes are worn by people who know how to manage their capital, see benefits and never miss their chance. The psychologist focuses on the details of the dream:
  • A golden wedding dress - predicts a strong, long-term marriage;
  • A golden ballroom dress - meeting powerful people;
  • A long gold dress - traveling far away;
  • A short dress of gold color - your plans are not going to be fulfilled;
  • With deep décolleté - promises romantic dates;
  • Velvet gold dress with lace - many admirers;
  • A hand-sewn golden dress - means prosperity, wealth.

What does Nostradamus’ dreambook say about golden dress? The dress that was just bought indicates there will be a reason to go out. The Prophet guarantees that the time spent with strangers will not be in vain - you will find a sponsor for another project, sign a good contract, and meet a generous fan.

Unfortunately, the old golden attire represents missed opportunities. Be careful - there are people out there who want to set you up; make you look bad in front of your boss, discredit you.

Dreaming of a golden dress stained with mud – means ruined reputation, condemnation by colleagues, people who are close to you. If you’ve tried to wash it off, you’ll soon be ashamed of what you’ve done and what you’ve thought, you’ll want to undo what you’ve done. At last, there will be a chance to apologize to those whom you offended.

Seeing the stains or holes in the cloth covered in gold is a bad sign. There’s a risk of falling prey to scammers, making an unnecessary purchase, or losing a precious thing. You will not be able to avoid loss if you see a golden dress covered in holes.

To buy a luxury outfit, covered with gold is a symbol of wealth, a comfortable life. In the near future you are in no danger; you can relax and enjoy the reality.

If you dreamed about a tight or short dress of golden shades, be ready for a serious conversation with your loved one. It seems that both of you have «grown» out of a boring relationship and it is time to stop it.

What Vanga’s dreambook explains well is why you dream of giving an expensive golden dress in a repair shop. A golden dress in a dream in the skilful hands of a tailor symbolizes a new turn in personal life. There’s a person out there somewhere ready to turn your life into a fairy tale.

An expensive gold dress means a fateful acquaintance, according to Hasse’s dreambook. The girls will meet the betrothed; the boys will have the future companion. A love adventure will be so fascinating to a dreamer, he’ll forget about work and rest.

Sergii Haranenko
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