Ink Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about ink? The Psychological dreambook gives the following interpretations for the plot. Seeing someone's clothes stained with ink in a dream, get ready for the fact that envious people will deceive you somehow.

A young woman who dreamed of ink will be slandered by her rival.

If you saw your fingers stained with ink in a dream, this means you will be tormented by fits of jealousy. And if the ink is red, this means you are in serious trouble.

If you diluted ink in a dream, this means you will be drawn into some nasty business in reality.

A bottle of ink seen in a dream promises the appearance of ill-wishers and a decline in business. An empty inkwell seen in a dream is a sign that you will be able to avoid public condemnation for some of your not very good deeds. A full inkwell is a reminder to take precautions, otherwise ill-wishers may slander you.

If you wrote in ink in a dream, this plot means you will be just fabulously lucky in the coming days. Do not miss your chance, be prepared for an unexpected turn of events that promise you benefits.

If in a dream you wrote in ink and accidentally put a blot on some important paper, it means that the date you were going to go on will fail and you will worry about it.

Spilled ink in a dream means there is a serious scandal ahead, which will happen because of some trifle.

    Here is what the Newest dreambook says about the ink:
  • If the ink is black, you will ruin your reputation.
  • Green ink - you will succeed, so don't stop.
  • Yellow ink symbolizes a coming acquaintance with a very good person.
  • Dark-blue, cyan, purple ink - predicts a long depression.

To write in a dream, dipping a pen in ink - in reality you will have to supervise a responsible project or do someone else's work. Your health may not be able to withstand such stress. If in a dream you wrote and at the same time put blots, a lot of small troubles await you from your envious competitors, the dreambook of Simeon Prozorov thinks.

To hold in your hand or drink ink in a dream means amusing yourself with pleasant hopes, the Dreambook of the 21st century says.

Buying ink in a dream predicts getting some news.

Sergii Haranenko
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