Diving Dream Meaning

The dreambooks interpret dreams about diving as a symbol of unordinary decisions, original ways to reach your goal. If the dive was successful in a dream, this is a favorable sign that your achievements will be successful. This plot can also symbolize a risky act or self-knowledge. Scuba diving predicts problems at home or at work, misunderstandings with your boss. Scuba diving can indicate problems with pregnancy or unsuccessful marriage if this dream is seen by a woman.

Diving from precipice symbolizes instability in financial position. The dreamer will have to put a lot of efforts and show his best business qualities in order to improve the situation. Diving into a wave predicts hard work or study that will bring knowledge if the water is clean. A dirty wave predicts quarrels and risk to make a big mistake.

A dream about diving from height shows that the dreamer will be able to solve some difficult task putting a lot of his effort. Diving in a lake warns you that you can have enemies at work as a result of your recklessness. The dreambooks advise thinking over your actions and words. Diving in a river in a dream is a symbol of future family holiday. A dive in the sea predicts a joyful trip with your children. In spite of all the obstacles the dreamer will finish what he started, if he saw a dream about diving in a pool. You should continue boldly, not distracting on anything.

If you dived in an ice-hole and it felt comfortable for you to swim there, the dream image can indicate strong health or that you will finish the quarrel with a friend. If it was unpleasant for you to stay in that water, the dream warns about financial loss.

Diving in the ocean is a symbol of vain efforts for men; if a woman got a nice shell or stone – it is a sign of success. Diving into snow and having fun there promises entertainment in real life. If you wallowed in the snow and couldn’t get up, this is a reflection of your work that you are trying to postpone all the time. The dreambooks indicate that now is the right time to sort out your issues.

As in all dreams containing water, it is important to pay attention to the water quality and color. If you dived into clear water, all your beginnings will end successfully, in spite of the obstacles. Open eyes while diving promise a conversation with a sudden acquaintance that will bring you a lot of new information. Dirty muddy water is an unfavorable sign predicting different kinds of losses. Diving can also symbolize hardship in romantic sphere. If you are a little more attentive to your partner, it will be much easier to restore your relations.

Sergii Haranenko
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