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Interpretation Of A Dream About Dog With Puppies

A dog seen in a dream with puppies is a very positive sign promising new friends and strengthening old friendships. According to Miller, if you happened to see a dog with puppies in a dream, this means easy and even pleasant chores. Perhaps you will be taking care of your own children.

If a woman saw such plot in her dream this may mean that you want to have children so much, but you are afraid that you will not cope with the role of a mother. If there was a man present in such dream, this means that the woman sees him as the father of her children.

If the dog gave birth to puppies in your dream, this means you will soon acquire more friends. If the dog gave birth to puppies and died after that, this is a sign of loss of confidence in a comrade.

If you dreamed a dog feeding puppies, this vision suggests that you have nothing to worry about - all our plans will go well. If a nursing dog is roaring at you in a dream, this means that the endeavor is not worth the risk if you do not want to get a lot of trouble.

If a cat was feeding newly born puppies with its milk, this plot means that the person whom you considered an enemy will help you with something important. The cat feeding puppies that are a little bit grown-up already and brings them pieces of meat, this means that your competitors, without knowing it, will help you get rid of a number of problems.

Sleeping dog with puppies promises a calm and measured life. Many pregnant dogs with puppies are a sign that at the moment you are too overwhelmed with information or care about loved ones to objectively evaluate everything that is happening around you.

Seeing many dead big and small dogs is a symbol meaning that you are on the verge of breaking relations with your friends.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the color of the puppy seen in a dream:
  • White puppy – you are easy-going with people around you;
  • Black puppies – you need to learn trusting people next to you;
  • Red puppy – you have a spirit of adventurism, as well as your friends;
  • Puppies with small spots – you are very changeable in your mood;
  • White puppy with several big spots – you do not like to change your decisions.

Sergii Haranenko

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