Pregnant Dog Dream Meaning

Is a dream of pregnant dog a good omen? Happy people sometimes see dreams about pregnant dogs. Traditional dreambooks predict unexpected profit, harmonious relations in your family if the dog was calm and pleased in your dream. Dreams about pregnant animals roaring and barking should be interpreted in details. As for Miller’s interpretation, an ordinary dog symbolizes a faithful friend, while a pregnant one represents wealthy and abundant life.

    Besides that the psychologist is paying attention to the dreamer himself:
  • if a young woman saw such dream – she will have a generous admirer;
  • a married woman – should be expecting pregnancy in the family;
  • a young man – promotion at work or bonus;
  • head of the family – deserved respect.

According to Hasse’s dreambook, a small red cur represents a cunning, treacherous business partner or rival. If it was pregnant, you should be prepared that your rivals have hidden tricks and they will not stop until they get what they want. The dream interpreters are warning that now is the time to count only on yourself in order not to lose in a decisive moment. Other dreambooks think that a pregnant red dog is a symbol of fair competition for girl’s attention. Not depending on the size of the dog, you will have troubles getting rid of your rival. You will have to be patient and find friends who will support you if required.

A dream about petting a pregnant dog or seeing somebody play with it represents trustful relations with your friends. The dream means that you can easily start a new project, moral and financial support from your friends and family is guaranteed. The dream is considered especially favorable if you saw a breed that you like the most. The Nostradamus dreambook describes what dream about biting pregnant dog means. This plot is a sign that somebody from your close surrounding is trying to open your heart for a long time, but you do not even want to notice it. You should look around, life itself is showing you the correct direction you should take to find a good partner.

If you saw a dream about a tired mommy-dog that just had puppies is a sign of wealth. You will have profit even from the sources you never expected. A pregnant dog can be a prediction of lottery winning, heritage, bonus from your boss, generous gifts from an admirer. Vanga’s interpretation of this image is that you will have a very solid salary that will let you buy property or make another big investment. If you had a dream about taking birth from a dog of good breed with a number of puppies, this means you will be invited to an interesting event with a number of celebrities.

Sergii Haranenko
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