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Husky Dream Meaning

What is husky spiritual dream meaning and symbolism? When you dream about husky, this image means quick moving along the career ladder. Besides that, seeing a husky dog in a dream may predict the appearance of a new faithful friend.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations for dream plots depending on what kind of a dog you saw:
  • an adult husky – predicts success in the professional field;
  • a husky puppy – symbolizes frivolous acts;
  • dream of an old husky – represents financial well-being.

    What is the husky doing in your dream?
  • husky biting – warns of the betrayal of a friend;
  • if the dog is playing – this means a pleasant meeting;
  • husky protects you – predicts the appearance of an influential patron;
  • dream about a sleeping husky – means the lack of support from friends;
  • husky howling – sign of unpleasant news;
  • if a husky growls – this means gossip and envy in your close environment.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about husky?
  • Husky of pure white color in a dream speaks of the appearance of the enemy.
  • Seeing in a dream how huskies are pulling a dogsled is a sign of big trouble.
  • A dead husky in a dream predicts illness.
  • If you dreamed that a husky ate frozen fish, this means the intrigues of colleagues.
  • Many huskies in a dream speak of conflicts with relatives due to inheritance.

    Here are the Top-5 positive husky dream meanings.
  • Stroking a husky in a dream speaks of peace and harmony in the family.
  • Walking a husky in dreams is a symbol of meeting with friends.
  • Dream about pregnant husky – means victory over enemies.
  • If you found a husky in a dream, this means you will receive help from an unfamiliar person.
  • To give someone a husky puppy – symbolizes prosperity and well-being in the house.

According to Miller's dream book, the image of a husky in a dream is a symbol of fidelity and devotion.

    Other dream meanings by Miller:
  • seeing in a dream how children play with a husky - mean a fun meeting with school friends;
  • feeding dogs with raw meat – warns of the illness of the sleeping person;
  • receiving a thoroughbred dog as a gift – means trouble due to frivolous behavior;
  • treating a sick dog – predicts a speedy recovery;
  • if a married woman dreams of a husky dog, this means household chores;
  • a girl who has not yet been married will have fun pastime;
  • for a married man, a kind and affectionate husky – means family well-being;
  • for a single man – this means fulfillment of a dream.

According to Freud, a dream about a husky puppy promises victory over ill-wishers.

A dream about huskies with different eye colors may speak of having to make a choice between two men; dreaming of a blue-eyed husky – symbolizes a pleasant surprise.

If you dreamed that the dog was biting, this means a problem in intimate life, according to Freud; holding it by the leash in dream means solving a difficult issue.

    The dreambooks give some additional brief interpretations:
  • an aggressive husky dog in a dream predicts a fight with strangers;
  • dream about a talking husky – sign of public speaking;
  • husky running away – sign of chronic fatigue;
  • dream about a dirty husky – means vain hopes;
  • seeing a killed husky in a dream – warns about mistakes at work.

Sergii Haranenko

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