Dragonfly Dream Meaning

Dragonfly dream meaning

Dragonfly has long been perceived as the embodiment of aimlessness and levity. This is reflected in the dreambooks, which, however, see the difference in what it means in dreams of different people. Interpretations depend on whether a man or a woman saw it in a dream, whether it fluttered free or was caught.

The aimless flutter of a dragonfly in a dream foreshadows empty worries. If you dreamed of how it flies over a sleeping person, this is a sign of empty fun. What does it mean if a woman dreams about it? Her friends do not represent anything - is it time to be picky in choosing a circle of friends.

Dragonfly’s flying over the water, according to the dreambook of Grishina, is a sign of journey, which will be in vain. Dreambook of Gypsy clarifies: the meaning concerns an air travel. If it sits down on your hand, it means that there will be litigation ahead.

Freud's interpretation of a dream reveals the secrets of lust, which a man diligently hides from himself. If a dragonfly is seen by a woman, it can turn her whole life around. The familiar girl will openly confess her love and the temptation to try the sweet lesbian connection will prove to be irresistible for the dreamer.

The man who dreamed of a dragonfly will meet with a seductive person, frivolous, easy going for a rapprochement, who will make him forget about the debt.

Esoteric dream book notes that a dragonfly in a dream means laziness, which is in reality the cause of failure in business. A lot of chattering insects symbolize a horde of idlers who parasitize on your work – you have to solve most of the problems on your own, although you have a number of assistants. There is no nobility, no rationality in this, such an unfair distribution of duties harms the business.

Why can one dream of seeing an ant and a dragonfly together? The dreamer will have to make a choice - to lead a miserable existence or to reach great heights. The dragonfly next to the ant symbolizes two paths - contemplative and constructive. A person can succeed, but its price is high - overcoming himself, his innate laziness. If he dreamed that insects had bitten the dreamer, he would receive a message that would encourage change.

An attempt to catch a dragonfly in a dream foreshadows the effort spent on trifles that are not worth it. In real life, it is necessary to distinguish between really important goals and momentary gusts.

It is also believed that catching a big dragonfly is a sign that someone is looking for an opportunity to set you up. Seeing it in your hand - wait for a trick.

Miller notes: to see a cloud of dragonflies in a dream prophesies a clue to the mystery, which was hidden from the dreamer for a long time. If you dreamed of killing it and seeing it dead - the purchase would be unsuccessful. Killing the one that bit you - means suffering a loss because of lightheadedness.

Top-5 negative dream interpretation dragonfly

  • A dragonfly in your hands speaks of intrigue from ill-wishers.
  • Dragonfly in one's hair - warns of deterioration of reputation.
  • Catching a dragonfly means unexpected expenses.
  • Killing it in a dream means losses through your own fault.
  • If you dream that a dragonfly bites you, this means enemies will appear in your close surroundings.

Top-5 positive dreams about dragonfly

  • A green dragonfly in s dream symbolizes good news.
  • Blue dragonfly - predicts a joyful event.
  • Multi-colored insect - fulfilling a childhood dream.
  • Watching dragonflies is a sign of an exciting journey.
  • Taking photographs of them is a sign of a favorable coincidence of circumstances.

Dreaming about dragonfly spiritual meaning

Dragonflies start their lives in the water as nymphs and then undergo a transformation into their adult form. Dreaming of a dragonfly may symbolize a desire or need for personal growth and transformation.

Dragonflies are known for their agility and ability to fly freely. Dreaming of a dragonfly can represent a desire for more freedom and lightness in your life.

In some cultures, dragonflies are associated with spiritual or mystical qualities. Dreaming of a dragonfly may indicate a connection to your spiritual side or a message from the spiritual realm.

Dragonflies are highly adaptable creatures. Dreaming of them can suggest that you need to be more adaptable in your waking life or that you're navigating changes well.

Dragonflies are often seen as positive symbols. Dreaming of a dragonfly may reflect a desire for more joy and positivity in your life.

Dragonflies are often linked to emotions and the water element. Dreaming of a dragonfly could be a sign that you need to find emotional balance.

Will you be interested to find out real-life signs about a dragonfly in your house?

  • Oddly enough, the omens about such a guest turn out to be good for the most part. The most common interpretation says that a dragonfly that flew into a house predicts an imminent visit by an unexpected guest. But you should not be afraid: the guest will be a pleasant person for you with whom you will communicate sincerely.
  • It is also worth paying attention to how the winged messenger behaves. If the dragonfly flew all over the room, and then set off - the guest is literally on the doorstep, and if it sits down to rest on furniture, a wall or a windowsill - the visit will take place a little later.
  • The second interpretation of the signs about the dragonfly in the house is associated with good changes. There is an opinion that this beautiful insect brings happiness, good luck to the house, and also gives the person who saw it inner strength, courage, determination. And if all the household members witnessed the visit, it means that the positive interpretation applies immediately to the whole family. This interpretation of belief is widespread in Japan, although many other countries take it into account as well.
  • The Chinese, on the other hand, see dragonflies as a good sign for personal relationships. If it flew into a home of a man who had recently quarreled with his other half, it means that so far there is a good chance to fix it all.
  • But the signs of a dragonfly beating against a window have two interpretations. If the insect is behind the window frame and aggressively breaks against the glass from the outside, as if trying to get inside the house, expect a pleasant surprise. Perhaps someone will give you a present or just bring you some good news.
  • If the dragonfly flew into the house, and then began to break against the glass from the inside of the window - this can be seen as a sign of an imminent illness or even the death of one of the relatives. It is believed that the winged messenger in this case represents the soul of a deceased relative who flew in to inform about the impending danger. To prevent trouble, it is recommended to carefully release the insect, without causing harm to it, and visit the church on the same day to put a candle for the deceased relatives.
Sergii Haranenko
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