Praying Mantis Dream Meaning

A praying mantis received its name because of a strange pose resembling a praying person. Seeing a mantis in your dream is considered to be a warning.

Miller’s dreambook states that seeing a praying mantis in a dream promises an unusual set of circumstances, which will bring serious disappointment. If you dreamed about killing a praying mantis, in this case you will miraculously avoid all the problems.

Catching and putting a mantis the jar promises a decent reward for your work, according to Miller.

Seeing many praying mantises around you is a sign of a lot of unfinished tasks. If the mantis bites you in a dream, this means that the problems require urgent solving.

Seeing a mantis sitting in a glass jar is a very positive sign. Your prudence and decent behavior will help you in a difficult situation.

If a large insect sat on your hand or shoulder in a dream, then in reality you need to beware of betrayal of a close friend.

Some dreambooks give various interpretations of the dream depending on the dreamer’s sex. For example, seeing a mantis in a dream can bring troubles to a woman because of someone else’s secret. A young girl should be expecting unpleasant news. A big mantis is a warning about a quarrel with your beloved.

As for men, the dreambooks are warning them about problems at work and in business. Killing a mantis means that your perseverance will help coping with any difficulties.

A huge bright-green insect is a sign of definite danger. It symbolizes bad news and dangerous situations. A mantis of a paler or darker shade promises less serious trouble.

A dead mantis is a symbol that nothing that will be going on will be related to you.

Seeing a monster-like creature can mean you are nagging your back at work too hard, or even fell into physical (psychological) dependence on another person. If you managed to run away from a huge monster, you will have enough power to get rid of someone else’s influence.

According to the dreambooks, if a big mantis bites you in a dream, you can be expecting some kind of fortune telling. In the coming days, you should look at the signs, listen to the words of others, and remember the most vivid dreams.

Sergii Haranenko
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